Tilt offers a crowdfunding platform where you can collect funds for any number of reasons. Campaigns include such various things as raising funds for a surprise birthday party and fixing potholes in a local neighborhood. Tilt is one of the few personal crowdfunding sites that does not charge a fee for collecting funds, though credit card processing fees apply, which is typical.

You start by creating your campaign, describing the purpose and outlining your goal. Once finished, donors can immediately begin contributing to your cause. Tilt is an all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform where your campaign may remain open for up to 60 days awaiting funding. If you reach your goal amount by the expiration date, you'll receive your funding within a day or two. You also can request an early payout date; however, you are only eligible for an early payout if you have already reached 100 percent of your goal. Tilt does not take a percentage of the funds you raise, which can be sometimes as high as 9% with other services. There is also no fee for debit card payments, but credit card processing is 3%.

This crowdfunding website requires a Facebook login, which helps prove you are a real person seeking funds. It also provides an easy way to share your cause with friends and family who may wish to contribute and help you reach your goal. Creating Facebook events or Tweeting your campaign are also affective ways to attract donations. You can keep track of your campaign using the dashboard, where you can send personalized messages to donors or find their phone numbers to follow up via phone call or text.

On the website, you can see active Tilt campaigns and read success stories. If you need to contact customer service, you can email the company or call weekdays. The website provides a comprehensive FAQs section that answers questions from both a campaigner and donator perspective.

Tilt offers a crowdfunding platform where there is no limit to the reason you can raise funds. The all-or-nothing funding model means you will have to carefully set your goal, but if you reach it, having no funding fee is a bonus compared to other services. You only pay a fee for credit card payments, so the majority of funds you raise go completely to your project or cause.