Let's Find The Right Employee Retirement Plans Service For You

Pros / ePlan Services allows companies to customize plans to fit employees' needs.

Cons / This retirement plan service does not offer IRAs, including Roth and SEP plans.

 Verdict / ePlan Services offers many features found with similar retirement-plan services, which makes it a decent choice as a trustee, provided you do not plan to offer IRAs.

ePlan Services is a retirement plan solution for employees. This service is designed to help your company prepare your employees for retirement. It offers a handful of retirement-plan options, assistance throughout the planning process, and tools to help monitor and manage the account. ePlan Services is designed to help businesses of all sizes, which is helpful as your small business grows.

This employee retirement plan solution offers traditional, Roth and owner-only 401(k) plans, safe harbor and profit-sharing options. Companies can customize plans to meet the needs of their business and employees. However, one large drawback of this service is that it doesn't offer IRA plans.

After you establish a plan with this 401(k) provider, participants receive access to an online account where they can view and monitor their retirement information. This is a valuable tool for employees to ensure they are on the right track to retirement.

There are many features available from ePlan Services to help employers throughout the retirement-preparation process. It provides record-keeping tools, and it also takes care of annual plan reviews and compliance testing so you comply with all IRS and Department of Labor (DOL) requirements.

Employers receive their own online account where they can manage account information, including account profiles and employee censuses. You can also receive email notifications and plan information.

Unfortunately, ePlan Services doesn't offer mobile capabilities, which allows employees to monitor their account from a mobile device.

Our interactions with representatives from ePlan Services were excellent. They answered all of our questions in a timely manner and were knowledgeable and friendly. This retirement services does not offer online resources such as articles, videos or a blog. However, participants can access retirement-planning tools and calculators in their online account.

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ePlan Services has the features and expertise to assist your small business in establishing a retirement plan for you and your employees. This service offers a variety of plans, except IRAs of any kind. It does offer excellent monitoring and record-keeping tools for plans, plus it will ensure you remain in compliance with federal regulations by providing annual reviews and compliance testing to the IRS and DOL.

ePlan Services Compare Quotes