Pros / It has access to seven research databases to provide you with market and industry analysis.

Cons / You typically receive a draft of your business plan in two to four weeks, much longer than other services.

 Verdict / Cayenne Consulting has a variety of consulting services and quality plans. The service is costly, and its turnaround time lags behind other services.

Cayenne Consulting, based in Anaheim Hills, California, offers business plans for businesses seeking SBA loans, venture capital funding or E2 and L1 visas. In addition to business plan writing, Cayenne offers strategic planning and management consulting.

Using Cayenne as your business plan writers, you'll first have a conversation about your goals and budget. From there, you sign an engagement letter and communicate the necessary information to your consultant in subsequent calls and meetings. For brick-and-mortar and small businesses, Cayenne sends a questionnaire.

With each of the companies on our lineup, we reviewed their sample business plans and graded them against a checklist based on best practices. Cayenne scored an 80 percent quality score, which means their plan is still a quality document, but it is missing some key elements; in this case, Cayenne's plan didn't address the differentiators between the subject's product and competing products – something your target audience wants to know. The plan was also shorter than other plans.

In order to provide the best market research and industry analysis, Cayenne subscribes to seven databases, including IBISWorld, LexisNexis, Plunkett and Hoover's. The benefit for you is that getting one report from any of these databases costs hundreds of dollars, so getting your plan written by a service with access to this information can prove cost-effective.

It can take two to four weeks to receive the first draft of your plan, which is longer than most of the other services in our review. If you need it quicker, Cayenne may be able to accommodate you, depending on its available resources. You may also be charged a higher rate. Cayenne's costs, in general, are high, starting at $2,500 and higher, depending on the type of plan. This is among the highest-costing services in our review.

One area where Cayenne stands out is the variety of additional consulting options it offers. It's not strictly a business plan writing service; it can also provide businesses with strategic planning, management consulting, company valuations and even connect clients with potential investors.

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Cayenne Consulting has quality plans that utilize a wide range of resources for its market and industry analysis. Its costs are quite high, and it can take longer to receive your plan from this service.

Cayenne Consulting Compare Quotes

Specifications and Benchmarks

Consulting Services

Investor Identification
Plan Review Consultation
Management Consulting
Strategic Planning

Depth of Service

Business Plan Quality
Research Databases
Design Services
Business Plan Printing
Rush Jobs
Sample Plans
Primary Research

Cost & Timeframes

Turnaround Time
2-4 weeks
Business Plan Writing Cost
Revision Period
2 months
Revision Turnaround Time
1-5 days
Plan Review Time
1-5 days
Plan Review Costs