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Recall Review

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PROS / This paper shredding services offers both onsite and offsite shredding services for the same price.

CONS / Drop off services are not available.

 VERDICT / Recall offers an all-encompassing solution for document security, including shredding services, digital imaging, and both physical and electronic file storage.

Recall is the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner for paper shredding services for its secure services, the small size of its shred and the services provided to help you create the most secure office for your documents on top of additional document management features. Pricing is also very competitive with costs well below some of the more recognized, national document destruction companies.

Security & Certification

Recall is NAID certified, which means it uses a cross-cut shredding process, cutting paper into 5/6 inch particles. These particles are then recycled so there is no way to reassemble the pieces. Recall provides your office with as many locked consoles as you may need, each marked with a serial number for better tracking. This is important since in order for you company to be compliant with HIPAA, GLAB and other document management regulations, you must have a certificate of destruction from the paper shredding company. Serial numbered consoles make it easier to track your documents from the moment they leave your office until they are shredded at a secure Recall facility.

Recall has several console sizes available with the largest standard size capable of holding 65 gallons of paper. This is the shape and size of a garbage can. Larger-sized bins are available for an additional cost and result in a pricier service since quotes are based on the amount of paper your office collects and the frequency your bins need to be emptied. Most offices don't need more than a 65-gallon container.

Customer Support Services

This document shredding service has both onsite and offsite shredding, and unlike the other services we reviewed, Recall quoted us the same price for both services where others typically charge more for onsite shredding. Additionally, Recall does charge a fuel surcharge but includes it in the overall quote, so you won't see a significant increase in price or receive a shock with extra fees. Drop off services, however, are not available.

One nice service Recall offers is a security risk assessment. A representative comes to your office and helps you develop a security policy for your company's documents, including where to place consoles, which documents and files should be destroyed, and how frequently paper should be picked up for shredding. Recall also has a good knowledgebase with several blogs, eBooks and infographics to help you learn important trends and policies on securing your files to prevent identity theft and other misuses of information.

Records & Data Management

Data management is important for your company, especially if you collect sensitive information on clients, such as birthdates, social security number, medical histories or financial details. Employee information must also remain secure once you are given access to it. Recall, in addition to its paper shredding services, can also shred hard drives, electronic media (such as DVDs and CDs) and x-rays. It also provides you with a simple or detailed certificate of destruction for these items. Recall is capable of shredding prototypes to help ensure your company secrets don't fall into competitor's hands.

Recall has digital imaging services to help you convert paper files into electronic ones before they are destroyed. Additionally, Recall has both a physical storage facility, if you need to maintain the paper records, and a secure, cloud-based storage for digital documents.


Recall can help assess your company's security needs and implement a data management plan that includes providing your office with a locked console and either onsite or offsite shredding services. Hard drives and electronic media can also be shredded. Recall can help you create digital images of your paper files before they are destroyed and offers both electronic and physical storage of your files. The only downside of Recall is that is doesn't allow you to drop off your documents at the shred facility.