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Ship 'n' Shred Review

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PROS / Ship 'n' Shred is useful for destroying materials other than paper, such as hard drives and x-rays.

CONS / Because you have to ship all documents to the company for destruction, there is a risk of losing your materials in transit.

 VERDICT / While Ship 'n' Shred is NAID certified, we recommend this service if you are located in rural areas away from more accessible shredding services.

Ship 'n' Shred is a different type of paper shredding service. Rather than coming to your office to pick up your documents or having you bring them to a secure facility, you mail your documents to the company for destruction. This is a good option if you are located far away from mobile shredding services or if you have a home office that doesn't have room to keep a console.

Using Ship 'n' Shred's services is simple, and the form on the main website makes it much easier to use than similar services. After providing some basic information, you are given an instant quote and a personally generated tracking label for your file box. You can then either drop it off at a local Ship 'n' Shred location or have it picked up by FedEx.

Either way, the box is tracked from the moment it leaves your hands until it arrives at the shredding plant. Because of this different approach to the paper shredding process, there is always the chance your documents could be lost during transit. However, the tracking label lets you see exactly when your container leaves each facility, making it easy for you to track.

Ship 'n' Shred doesn't have its own shredding facilities. Instead, it contracts with Shred Nations, one of our top-ranked document shredding services. Once Ship ‘n’ Shred receives your box, it is forwarded to Shred Nations. Because of the tracking label, you do receive a certificate of destruction, meaning Ship 'n' Shred, while a little unconventional, is still NAID certified.

In addition to document shredding, Ship 'n' Shred can also ensure the destruction of other materials such as hard drives, electronic media, x-rays and even desktop computers. The secure process for shipping and destroying these items is the same as with sensitive paper documents.

However, if you need to contact a sales representative directly, be prepared to wait at least one business day. We contacted the team on several occasions via email, but waited for several days before receiving a response. Ship 'n' Shred does have a telephone number if you need to speak to someone directly, but it is difficult to connect with a live representative since the wait time is pretty long. We had more success contacting Shred Nations, the parent company to Ship 'n' Shred, to receive answers to our questions. The website has a FAQs section to help you curb any doubts about using a shipping service to destroy your documents.


Ship 'n' Shred takes a different approach to paper shredding services. Its services are especially useful if you live or work in a rural area. Rather than having someone come to your office to shred the documents, you ship the materials to the company. This adds an inherent risk because shipped materials can be lost. However, if you're looking for a paper shredding service and live away from other companies' service routes, this is a good solution.