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Pros / Dynamic Language is an ISO-certified provider.

Cons / The service costs more than comparable translation firms.

 Verdict / Dynamic Language is a solid choice if your business needs high-tech translation services that include desktop publishing, software localization or translation services for hearing- and sight-impaired clients.

Dynamic Language is a full-service translation based in Seattle. Similar to other industry-leading translation services, this one has the ability to transform any content from one language to another while preserving its original meaning and context. Dynamic Language is among the most expensive company on our lineup, but the service's robust translation capabilities and ISO-certified processes may be worth the extra expense.

In our in-house tests, Dynamic Language scored at midrange levels for the English to French translations and slightly better for the Spanish to English translations. And while the company will rush your translations if needed, when we did not specify a time, translations took five days.

The service offers all of the standard translation services we looked for, including website, multimedia and document translation. Moreover, Dynamic Language has experience translating in a variety of industries, including aviation, marketing, healthcare and manufacturing. Industry-relevant expertise is crucial to consider when choosing translation services. Dynamic Language also offers cultural consulting, a necessity for any business expanding into foreign countries. The service creates translations that are culturally appropriate and that resonate with your target market.

Dynamic Language supports all major graphic design, presentation and word processing applications. Thus the service's desktop publishing and software localization capabilities are extensive, and it can deliver your project in virtually any format for digital or print use. The translation agency also has expertise in international search engine optimization. After localizing a website, the service optimizes the site to perform well in foreign internet search engines.

The language service has an additional competitive differentiator among translation services: communication services for hearing- and sight-impaired customers. By using remote video when on-site arrangements are impossible, interpreters and caption writers facilitate communication via American Sign Language, Pidgin Signed English, Signed Exact English, tactile signing and close-vision interpreting. The service also offers Braille transcription into foreign languages, which can be embossed on paper or used to create metal or plastic signage. Dynamic Language also offers audio-visual narration, eLearning development and transcription services.

In addition to the wider range of services that are offered, Dynamic Language also offers more languages than all but one other translation service we reviewed ─ around 150. While more services and languages make the translation agency’s service a bit more expensive than our other top translation services, the company does offer volume discounts on qualifying projects.

Dynamic Language is an ISO-certified translation service. This means the service's workflow processes are compliant with the International Standards Organization's internationally recognized standard for quality management. The translation service also uses translators certified by the American Translators Association, the largest and most prominent association of professional translators and interpreters in the United States. Dynamic Language's ISO-certified processes and vetted translators ensure all of its translations are accurate and culturally relevant.

Dynamic Language offers all of the support resources we deem most beneficial in translation services. The company uses a client web portal to facilitate confidential communications. You can also log in to the portal to contact your project manager and track the progress of your translation projects through the production process. Free price quotes are offered and the website provides many learning tools through its article, blogs and FAQs.

Similar to most top-notch translation services, Dynamic Language also uses translation memory tools. This technology allows the translation company to maintain consistency in common definitions for a variety of related projects. With translation memory tools, translated sentences and phrases are saved in a database, and whenever the interpreter encounters the same sentence or phrase, the translation can be reused. This saves time for the interpreter and money for the client.

Dynamic Language Compare Quotes
  • Translation Accuracy
  • 250-Word English to French Sample Pricing
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  1. A combination of the tested accuracy of the Spanish to English and French to English translations.
    Higher is Better
  2. 6  Dynamic Language
    90.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 90.0 %
  5. 95.0 %
  6. Category Average
    92.0 %


In the field of translation services, Dynamic Language is a well-established and strong industry player. This service excels when it comes to high-tech translation or hearing-impaired services. While this translation agency may be on the high-end of your budget, Dynamic Language is a top-notch and certified provider of language services.

Dynamic Language Compare Quotes

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