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Barcode Label Software Reviews

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Barcode Label Software Review

Who Needs Barcode Generator Software?

Barcode label software lets companies create basic barcodes for labels, shipping, products and other needs. It generates a limited variety of barcodes, and limited amounts, though a few of the products on our lineup have enhanced capabilities.

These factors differentiate barcode label software from more complex applications that generate a wider variety of barcodes, often in larger quantities over a broader spectrum. If your company needs hundreds to thousands of barcodes weekly, check out our review of professional barcode software.

Barcode label software for small businesses often creates barcodes in Windows applications such as Word, Access and Excel. Barcodes can be pasted into other programs to create labels, stickers, ID cards and other useful tracking tools. A few of the barcode creator products on our lineup let you design, manipulate and print directly within their interfaces, without the aid of supplemental Windows applications. Check out our top three products, Barcode Label Maker, Labeljoy and LabelRight. You can find more information by reviewing our articles on barcode label software.

Barcode Label Software: What to Look For

Most of the features evaluated in our review pertain to the basic barcode generation of linear barcodes by products that are affordable for small businesses. Below are the criteria we used to evaluate barcode label software.

Applications on our lineup that offer more barcode types rate higher than those that offer fewer barcode types. Many of these barcodes are for packaging and shipping, though some are for product labels and relaying information to the public, such as now-ubiquitous QR codes.

Features &Compatibility
Whether barcode makers can import data from other sources and export barcodes to other applications is important. The best barcode generator software should print to Windows-compliant printers and save barcodes as images rather than text. WYSIWYG barcode design is a favorable feature to help you produce quality barcodes by seeing them on your computer screen as they would appear if you printed them.

Design Tools
The barcode software we evaluated generates barcodes to create labels in Windows applications, and some stand-alone products create barcodes and labels within their individual interfaces. Design tools facilitate the creation and editing of label color, size, orientation and more. The best barcode label software lets you add images and shapes and manipulate text. Some have grid options, background color and offer U.S. or metric measurements.

Help & Support
Quality product support for barcode makers is essential. The minimum level of support is email contact, and all products should offer a user manual or guide, either embedded or online. Telephone support is a great benefit, as are online tutorials and videos to help you learn to use the software.

Barcode label software can help your small business produce the necessary packing, shipping and other labels you need to track products and goods and to maintain and improve efficiency. You can design and print your own labels with the right application and customize those labels to your specifications. Our review will help you find the best barcode generator for your needs.

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