Pros / Just Checking has a very simple interface functioning like a checkbook register.

Cons / The application doesn't provide features for small business bookkeeping and is not as user-friendly as other top choices.

 Verdict / This is a simple and practical application. Although it doesn't have all the features of others, if it has what you need, you will be pleased.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison.You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

A simple and easy-to-use choice for check writing software, designed to personalize your checkbook while managing multiple money accounts, Just Checking version 3.15 keeps track of transactions, provides an up-to-date account balance and options to create and print several kinds of personal income and expense reports. The interface of the application functions similar to an actual checkbook register. Just like a checkbook register, the application will ask you to input data such as: Date, Pay Type, Check Number, Payee, Memo, Transaction Amount, Balance and Date Cleared. The application’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features simplify money and account management.

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Check Design

In addition to personalizing your checkbook and easily managing several accounts at once, Just Checking allows users to sort and/or filter transactions as well as import transactions from other applications such as Quicken and Microsoft Money files. Users have the option to customize colors according to transaction type for their records and have the option to delete, copy, and/or edit a transaction as needed. Actual balances are automatically calculated after each transaction is entered. You can also include check data from other software programs, search for specific checks, setup recurring payments and view or print out a check history.

When writing and printing checks, Just Checking allows users to choose a design template and customize the font style, size and color. Other options include editing the check number and scanning in a printable signature as well as a new feature on the check templates which allows users to add an address. Customers can also select the edit option to change the templates as needed for different printing options. Just Checking keeps track of which checks have been printed and which have not.


Just Checking is a very perceptive application, we learned it does not take long to get accustomed to the application’s interface. After only a few minutes we had accounts set up and were inputting transactions and writing checks. Each of the features in this application has a corresponding icon associated to its function; the icons are lined up across the top of the page, making it easy to use and uncomplicated to find the function you’re looking for. If a question arises regarding one of the features, a built-in “Help” file does a great job of walking through the solution, making the application easy to use and understand. After the purchase, users will receive free updates and upgrades as well as unlimited support via email.

Software Details

You can easily download Just Checking from the Justapps website. The download is free so you can try out the program before you buy, but you won’t be able to print anything until you purchase a registration code to unlock the program. The setup won’t be complete until you download (for free) and install a zip file containing a MICR font.

To print checks you will need an inkjet or laser printer, check stock and a MICR (magnetic) toner cartridge. Financial institutions use the MICR line and magnetic toner to process checks. If your check does not have an MICR line you will incur costly fees from rejected checks.

Just Checking will work with Windows 98 and newer.


Just Checking is a user–friendly check writing program that functions like an electronic checkbook register. You can customize checks by changing fonts and the layout of check information fields. The program also includes basic home bookkeeping features.

You will need to download a free MICR font from their website for check processing. And to print checks you will also need to purchase a MICR toner cartridge and check stock.

Overall, we found the application very simple and practical. It downloaded quickly and proved to be very user-friendly so we were able to navigate our way around easily after opening it. This application does not offer the features that larger, big-name personal finance applications present, but is an excellent choice for users who only need a simple, nonthreatening application to manage their accounts. The software is low-cost, and is an excellent choice for home bookkeeping and check creation.

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