Pros / PrintBoss is compatible with over 40 accounting programs and offers custom integration as well.

Cons / This check printing software does not work on Macs.

 Verdict / A longstanding check writer software with excellent features and integration capabilities, PrintBoss is an excellent choice for PC users needing to print checks from multiple accounts.

PrintBoss began with a simple mission: to allow individuals the flexibility to print checks from multiple bank accounts onto blank check stock. Since then, it's added features and ensured compatibility with accounting software to make it one of the best check printing software options on the market. Its strength of features combined with robust customer support options earn PrintBoss the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Check Design

You can design checks in several formats using this print writer software. Some of the unique print design features include font adjustment, and "Void After" statements. It also accommodates Canadian-specific requirements, such as Canadian standard date formatting. Not only can you store signatures for checks, but you can set rules for the signatures used on checks. You can add your logo. When using QuickBooks and other accounting software, this program remembers the last check number you used and starts with the next consecutive check number.

Like most check printing software, you can add an MICR line to the bottom of the check. One unique feature of PrintBoss, however, is that you can also add the check amount to the MICR line. This is an additional security feature. One thing to note about this feature, though, is that it's a global setting, so once you set it on the template, it will automatically fill in the amount on each check.

One setback to this software, however, is that the interface is not drag-and-drop or WYSIWYG. Rather, you have to set positions in distances from the edge (X, Y coordinates).

This check writer software offers many designs, including mini copies of the check stub, full-size copies of checks and checks that fit Canadian requirements. It also prints to pressure seal check stock.

If you need blank checks because you'll be filling them out by hand, PrintBoss offers a Hand Check tool for this purpose. It prints to HP-compatible laser printers. You can print to multiple printers and there are other options, such as PDF and email options. It can also print to all of these different options simultaneously.

One neat feature of this program is that it can print checks in alphabetical order, a nice feature if you are handing out end-of-year bonus checks to employees.


You can view checks printed out in a checkbook-style register. This program also records the payee account information so you can use it for recurring payments. It can handle multiple accounts, and you can program in information and rules (such as signature rules) for the different accounts.

This check writer software creates automatic archives of the checks you send (the archives are searchable). The files are saved as PDFs with invoice numbers saved to a file by company, for example.

This software integrates with a remarkable 40 different accounting programs. It offers a compatibility list online that you can check before purchasing the software. If you need a custom integration, you can contact customer support to get it.

Software Details

If you want to save money and provide a more secure payment process, you can take advantage of ACH checks. These deposit payments electronically from your accounts.

You'll find several security features included with this check writer software. In addition to printing on blank stock, which can protect you against accidental or deliberate misprinting of codes, you can encrypt signatures, password protect bank accounts within PrintBoss and assign permissions to employees so they can only access the part of the program or accounts they need.

The check design itself offers extra security printing features such as watermark patterns and secure block numeric amounts. You can also activate PositivePay, a fraud-detection tool used in conjunction with banks.

This check writing software is not compatible with Mac OS.

Help & Support

While PrintBoss lacks online chat support, it offers many other excellent options. The manuals and how-to instructions are found on the support page. If you prefer to see how something is done, there are many videos. (We found them in the Training section, however, not on the Videos page.) The FAQs are mostly focused on QuickBooks.

The user manual was one of the most extensive we found for print checking software, and the videos are clear and simple to follow, although there is not a verbal explanation included – it's just a video of the task being done with pop-up commentary for instruction.

If you still need a walk-through, this check writing service offers phone support and screensharing capabilities. Screenshare lets PrintBoss' support personnel have access to your computer so they can work the program while you watch. In addition, it offers email and forums if you have specific questions that don't need an immediate answer.


PrintBoss is a feature-rich check writing software program that integrates with a multitude of other popular accounting software applications to make it easy to print checks on paper or electronically. Not only can it print from multiple accounts, but it prints in multiple forms and to more than one printer simultaneously. It has a wide range of security features that help protect your payments. It is the best check writing software for small business needs. Unfortunately, it does not work with Mac OS.

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