M+, or ManagerPlus Desktop, is a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) solution created specifically for businesses making the transition from a paper-based or informal maintenance management system to an all-in-one CMMS solution. This program offers a lot of flexibility and is well suited for companies that are anticipating growth. ManagerPlus also offers a cloud solution.

There are three basic editions of ManagerPlus CMMS – small business, corporate and enterprise. Each version provides a common set of basic capabilities and each tier adds on features and functions associated with the target facility. The basic functionality includes the ability to schedule maintenance tasks and matching tasks with available resources, so that when there is a job to do you can easily see that you have the right technicians identified along with the right parts. Automating scheduled maintenance with M+ and getting that bird’s-eye view of resources and schedules, can also help greatly reduce downtime.

Reporting is made easier by this CMMS – it includes a series of templates you can use for reporting, or you can customize your own reports. You can also use advanced software functionality to distribute responsibilities throughout your organization by defining user roles and security features. That way, your staff members can see their workflow for the day or the week – or even the season – and better anticipate their schedules and duties.

ManagerPlus CMMS can be configured to help you manage multiple locations. It also provides a robust inventory control method and manages details such as budget forecasting and warranty tracking.

Some of the optional features that you can add include asset tracking, the ability to accept work requests and mobile apps. The small business, corporate and enterprise versions of ManagerPlus vary to a degree – for example, warranty tracking is available only with the enterprise version of the software and barcode capabilities are available only to corporate and enterprise users.

ManagerPlus Desktop and SaaS CMMS provides a lot of à la carte functionality that can be very useful to a company just starting a CMMS system, or for businesses that are growing and expanding. Depending on what kind of business you have, this can be a welcome opportunity, or a difficulty – it may be easier for established companies to purchase a CMMS product that is already tailored for their business. However, for companies that want a lot of flexibility along with the ability to add on or subtract features as needed, ManagerPlus is worth a look.

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