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Act Review

PROS / Act provides the best tools for viewing social media pages and company websites.

CONS / This software's dialing tool can be difficult to use.

 VERDICT / Act is a good contact management service that gives both ease of use and a solid range of sales and marketing tools.

Act is a contact management software that helps you to store your valuable client data. Act offers your company both an on-premise and cloud-based option for your contact management service. The navigation options in the software are easy to use, which helps you train your staff with the program. Compared to other client management software, Act doesn't have as many in-depth solutions for contact management; however, it does have strengths with social media tools that other programs lack.

Act provides the best tools for social media pages and company websites among the customer management software we reviewed. This contact management software, like other applications, includes a tool to help integrate information stored in email applications quickly with Act. Having the information stored in a centralized location helps you to reference and use the data to improve your client relations.

Act has the ability to help you create an email marketing campaign. It also tracks customer interactions and compares complaints and IT problems among clients. These tools help you to better anticipate your clients' needs and to help your contacts. One of the weaknesses we found with Act is that while the client management software has dialing capabilities, the dialer can be difficult to use and often doesn't maintain a strong connection.

The split-window design of Act is very helpful in managing multiple tasks and viewing a significant amount of client history at one time. The top half of the interface allows you to select a contact while the bottom half of the screen displays contact history, activity, important webpages, notes and opportunities. You can access information quickly and easily by clicking on one of the info tabs running across the top of the view screen.

The report-generating capability from Act is one of the software's strengths. Most client management software have the capability to generate basic client history, account and pipeline reports, but Act lets you also see gross margins by particular employees, lost opportunity reports about your competitors, and birthday lists for clients and employees. These additional reports provide useful information you can use to strengthen your networking opportunities.


Act provides your business with a contact management software that is easy to navigate and to train to your employees. The features included are helpful for taking advantage of your networking opportunities with your contacts. While the program's integrated dialer isn't among the best of the software we reviewed, Act provides plenty of strengths to make it a good fit for your company.