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NetSuite CRM+ Review

PROS / The eCommerce option on NetSuite tracks and automatically imports your website's visitor information into the client management software.

CONS / There is no live chat support available.

 VERDICT / NetSuite is a great contact management service that has a large amount of client-management tools that are good for helping the growth of your business.

NetSuite client management software is part of the ERP business solution from NetSuite, though you can purchase it as a standalone application. NetSuite incorporates some of the most popular functions found in many contact management software in a clean and easy-to-use interface. The contact management system includes tools for interacting with customers, tracking leads and managing targeted email marketing campaigns. The eCommerce application, which helps track the activity on your company's website, is a unique feature among the contact management systems we reviewed. The eCommerce application is a powerful tool for helping to track and grow your business. The powerful sales and marketing tools mixed with the smooth interface help make NetSuite the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner.

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Contact Management

With NetSuite, you can see each contact's interaction with the company. This includes problems customers might encounter with products and services, the employee that has responsibility over them and their repeat customer status. Each customer portal highlights client interactions in a convenient timeline and allows you to authorize individual employee or department access to client contact information and history.

Email is integrated into NetSuite. This means you can send out individual emails to customers or send mass emails as part of a targeted email marking campaign and track it in the customer management system. NetSuite can generate invoices, and you can send the invoices via the contact management software to clients without having to open another program or to export a file. NetSuite includes dialing capabilities that track phone interactions you and your employees have with clients.

You can import information from multiple programs, including Excel spreadsheets, directly into NetSuite. This includes importing contact information from email programs and address books on your system. The application is cloud based, so you can access the information from any device with an internet connection, making your information more accessible than if it was limited to your computer.

Sales & Marketing Features

The eCommerce add-in is a very powerful tool, which we found only on NetSuite among all the contact management software we reviewed. This tool helps you to track the visitors to your company's website and to turn them into potential leads and future sales. Your company's website integrates with NetSuite, so the contact management software captures information about your site's visitors, including how the visitor made his or her way to your website.

Since NetSuite contact management software is part of the ERP business application, it comes with all the tools you need to track sales activity, create marketing campaigns, send sales receipts, monitor inventory and generate leads. The application makes it possible to automate sales and track your competition. All of these are invaluable tools that can help you grow your bottom line.

Employee Tracking & Support

With all of your employees connected to NetSuite, you're able to track the progress of each one of them. The customer management software tracks each employee's workflow, task completion ratio and progress reports. NetSuite includes a group calendar that gathers information and visually represents the to-do lists and accomplishments of your entire employee team.

The customization of NetSuite is convenient for creating a knowledgebase geared toward the needs of your company. The walk-throughs and tutorials help you to implement the program without a large learning curve for your employees, which makes NetSuite an effective tool

Ease of Use

NetSuite is a user-friendly contact management software option for your company. The tabs are clearly marked at the top of the interface, which makes navigation simpler. There are useful text prompts throughout the program that help if you are entering information into NetSuite and need clarification.

There are some portals and pages within the program with an abundance of white space, and this extra white space came make it look like elements are missing. Yet, NetSuite uses the extra space wisely with help tabs and customization windows so it can relay information in a variety of ways. NetSuite doesn't have an abundance of needless clutter in the interface, a common problem with contact management systems, making the overall interface among the best of the client management software we reviewed.

Help & Support

NetSuite's customer support is great. The staff is very helpful and goes beyond the basic requirements to ensure that they answer all of your questions. The company answers emails within 24 hours, and wait times on the telephone are average. There is no live chat option available. NetSuite has included a FAQs section and online tutorials on its website and in the client management software to answer basic and complex questions.


NetSuite's eCommerce application really sets it apart from other contact management software we reviewed. The automatic tracking and importing of your company's website visitors is an excellent lead generator not offered by any other client management software we reviewed. The support features are missing live chat, but the cloud-based data protection helps your company to integrate this software quickly. NetSuite is one of the best contact management software we reviewed.

NetSuite CRM+ Compare Quotes