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Pros / It's a highly customizable CRM with third-party app integration.

Cons / Onboard features are limited overall.

 Verdict / Although Pipedrive is limited in its native features and cloud storage, it's an affordable option for small businesses that doesn't mind using third-party apps to make this CRM work more efficiently.

The top CRM software for Mac includes features you didn't even know you needed, such as workflow automation and competitor-comparison tools. Although Pipedrive doesn't give you those features, it manages to hit most marks with its contact-management functions and adaptability. It offers unlimited users and contacts, so you can add employees and leads to your heart's content, but go easy on the files and records – the data storage is capped at 5GB per user – whereas most CRMs for Mac offer unlimited or higher cloud-storage limits.

You can expect the obvious features from Pipedrive, such as file sharing and email integration, but you'll have to find third-party applications to get a fully functional CRM and project-management solution. For example, Pipedrive doesn't include its own dialer for you to make phone calls through the CRM. However, you can set up a third-party application, such as Skype, and adjust the settings of the CRM to make calls directly from the CRM but through Skype.

Project management is another area in which Pipedrive is lacking, but again, you can integrate a program like Trello to manage projects among employees. Pipedrive offers sales pipelines, though, so that's covered. The best feature of Pipeline is its customizability. You can adjust Pipedrive to adapt to how you work rather than you having to adapt to it. 

Although Pipedrive offers inventory tools for products and services, you'll have to get creative or use another app to follow sales transactions from order to fulfillment. The scheduling tool is helpful – you can set up all of your calls, appointments and meetings, but there's no centralized calendar, so you'll have to add Google calendar or another app to track everyone's activities.

Pipedrive offers a wealth of knowledge in its FAQs and support center on its website. And if you can't find your answer there, you can contact a support agent through live chat (available on the company's website) or by email.

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If you don't mind setting up this Mac CRM with a bunch of other apps to get all the features you need, Pipedrive is a good solution. It's made for sales, but with a few tweaks, you can make it work for designers, customer and IT support, and other employees.

Pipedrive Gold Compare Quotes

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