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Pros / It has a helpful workflow module to enhance productivity.

Cons / You cannot scan documents directly from BlueDoc.

 Verdict / BlueDoc offers affordable functionality for the smaller office, despite the fact that you'll need to purchase scanner software to image your documents.

BlueDoc is affordable document management software (DMS) that includes strong organization and version control tools, along with the ability to set up and manage specified workflows. You can place your files into specific categories, move them around, and track the history and versions associated with each one. To find a misplaced document, you can check the metadata by searching for the name and category or by looking at the last time it was modified.

While all DMS solutions organize your digital files, not all contain workflow modules. Workflow tools allow each document to be checked out or assigned to employees and tracked until approval and completion. In BlueDoc, you can assign and review workflows from the administrator's portal.

Once you integrate BlueDoc with your email system, you and your employees are emailed about any pertinent workflow updates. This level of administrative control ensures that changes to your important documents are made in a timely fashion and approved by the appropriate stakeholders.

Despite its advanced workflow tools, BlueDoc does not allow you to scan and import new documents directly from the application, a feature found in the top-rated software. If you're trying to switch to a paperless office, you'll need to scan new documents and convert them to searchable PDFs using your scanner's applications and optical character recognition (OCR) software. With the sophisticated software that comes with modern scanners, none of this prevents you from becoming a completely paperless office, but it adds extra expense and steps.

BlueDoc is easy to install and there is no steep learning curve to the application. While it is simple to use, the look and feel is dated. There are no FAQs or phone numbers on the website. If you need assistance, there is a help link in the application itself, or you can contact customer support representatives by email. Representatives we spoke with were quick to respond and offered detailed answers to our questions.

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  5. 3  Dokmee
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BlueDoc DMS makes organizing your files fast and easy. It lacks a document-imaging feature and could use some improvements to its overall appearance and customer support structure. Despite a few needed improvements and the added expense and hassle for scanning documents, BlueDoc provides document management and workflow functionality at an exceptionally affordable price.

BlueDoc 2.1 Compare Quotes

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