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Pros / PinPoint automatically files documents for you, something other DMS applications don't do.

Cons / Customer support hours are limited. Plus, you can only reach personnel by phone and email.

 Verdict / PinPoint is an easy-to-use DMS application that files documents automatically and works with Macs, PCs and mobile devices.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

PinPoint is a powerful document management software (DMS) program you can run from your server or from PinPoint's cloud data center. With the right permissions, you can access your stored data using PinPoint on any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Setup and installation are fast, and the company provides how-to video tutorials that make getting started easy.

Like most document management software, in addition to saving the original native file, PinPoint creates a viewable PDF for any authorized user to see. But unlike other DMS applications, PinPoint's viewable PDFs allow your employees or other stakeholders to add their comments or feedback to a document without requiring them to use the program that originally created it. The main advantage of this functionality is that your key people don't need specialized software in order to edit or provide feedback on your company's key documents. The application, though, allows others to check out the document and make needed changes to the original if they have that particular software program installed.

One feature that differentiates PinPoint from other DMS applications is that it files documents automatically without the need for human intervention. The software searches each document for file type, name, topic, date and other pertinent information. It then files links to that particular document using those parameters. You work while PinPoint files for you. So, if, for example, you are working on an invoice and a company name, address, and date appear on the bill, PinPoint files it as a bill, retaining the other pieces of information. If you later search for that specific invoice using the billing date, the most recent version will be there. Add "bill" to your search terms and all of the most recent invoices will be presented.

PinPoint integrates seamlessly with many common business applications, including accounting software, Microsoft Office applications, Adobe's Creative Suite, customer relationship management programs and cloud storage applications. It is also compatible with most browsers.

PinPoint offers support and training for new users. You can find training classes and video tutorials on the company's website or through the application. Technical support is available during business hours by phone and email. Unfortunately, however, customer support is not available on the weekends, and the website does not offer live chat.

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PinPoint document control software is easy to use, has an excellent support structure and a strong list of features, including a timesaving function that files your documents automatically. It's also ideal for flexible workspaces with mixed computer devices because it works with Macs, PCs, tablets and phones.

PinPoint 2.96 Compare Quotes