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Planday Review

PROS / Employees can easily swap shifts or request time off through the app.

CONS / It offers only two types of reports.

 VERDICT / Your employees may find Planday to be an easy-to-use app, but your managers may feel differently. It lacks key reporting features, plus there are other drawbacks. However, if employee ease-of-use is a top consideration, then this software is worth a closer look.

Planday offers a basic employee scheduling program that works well for small to medium businesses transitioning their employee schedules to an online schedule planner. Planday does not offer as many reports as other online schedule-makers on our lineup, but it is still a good program that offers many employee-scheduling tools.

When your employees use Planday, they can swap shifts online and submit time-off requests, which managers can view and approve as needed. Our reviewers had no trouble using the employee side of the platform. They were able to easily complete each function.

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Unfortunately, Planday's usability on the employee side didn't transfer to the administrative side. First, it lacks a setup wizard, which is useful for quickly installing the program. Second, we were unable to automatically create new schedules, though the employee scheduling software allows you to use previous schedules as a template. Third, when there is a scheduling conflict, this online schedule planner provides limited information. It does not show you who has the conflict. Fourth, Planday doesn't offer calendar syncing or multiple-location scheduling, which allows you to schedule an employee in multiple offices or locations.

Using this employee scheduling software, you can text and email employees schedule updates. This web-based software can be accessed from any computer or device, and there is a mobile app. While you can import or export data, this software does not automatically back up your information.

The area where Planday really lacks is the number of available reports it's capable of providing. You can only create two kinds of reports; you cannot create custom reports or time-off summaries. You can view time sheet reports, which show the total hours an employee is scheduled to work. Reporting is an important part of evaluating your business and tracking employee schedules, and Planday's weak reporting capabilities is a drawback.

Planday's help and support offered is decent. While it lacks live chat, you can send and receive answers via email and over the phone. You can also look for answers in the FAQs and knowledgebase.


This online schedule maker is easy for employees to use. It wasn't as user-friendly on the administrative side, and it lacks key reporting tools. If employee features and functionality outweigh reporting, then Planday could be a good fit for your business.