Pros / Employees can easily swap shifts or request time off through the app.

Cons / Its reporting options are limited.

 Verdict / Your employees may find Planday to be an easy-to-use app, but it lacks key reporting features, and there are other drawbacks. However, if employee ease of use is a top consideration, then this software is worth a closer look.

Planday offers basic employee scheduling software that works well for small and medium businesses transitioning their employee schedules to an online schedule planner. This shift planning software does not offer as many reports as other online schedule makers on our lineup, but it is still a good program that offers many employee scheduling tools.

When your employees use Planday, they can swap shifts online, set up availability and pick up shifts, which managers can view and approve as needed. Our reviewers had no trouble using the employee side of the platform. They were able to easily complete each function.

Planday has an intuitive user interface, but its setup wizard isn’t as thorough as others on our lineup, and it’s missing some of the scheduling features that we found useful in other platforms. It is still easy to use overall, though.

Using this employee scheduling software, you can text and email employees schedule updates. This web-based software is accessible from any computer or device, and there is a mobile app. The app allows employees to clock in and out, though this feature is not available on the cloud-based desktop version.

The area where Planday really lacks is the number of available reports it can provide. You can only create labor cost reports, which show you how much your schedule will cost your company based off of employee pay rates. However, you can customize this report to meet your criteria, which is helpful. Reporting is an important part of evaluating your business and tracking employee schedules, and this work scheduler’s weak reporting capabilities are a drawback.

Planday's available customer support is decent. You can send and receive answers via email and over the phone. You can also look for answers in the FAQs page and knowledgebase. Instructional webinars are regularly scheduled so that you can learn how to use the software as well, which can be especially beneficial and is a feature that not a lot of other companies offer.

  • Administrative Ease of Use
  • Employee Accessibility
  1. This score evaluates how simple it is to set up the software for the first time and create schedules.
    Higher is Better
  2. 8  Planday
    82.0 %
  3. 90.0 %
  4. 72.0 %
  5. 3  Deputy
    84.0 %
  6. Category Average
    77.5 %


The Planday online schedule maker is easy to use and provides excellent support options. While its reporting options are limited and it is missing some scheduling features that might make scheduling faster, Planday is still worth investigating, especially if employee features are high on your priority list.