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Pros / You get a remarkable variety of report options.

Cons / The user interface is outdated.

 Verdict / TimeForge Scheduling gives you a wide variety of reports and features, but its interface is not very intuitive and leaves something to be desired.

When you’re ready to upgrade from pencil-and-paper scheduling, TimeForge Scheduling offers you a simple scheduling solution. The online application gives you and your employees access to schedules, time-off and shift-swap requests, and more from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection. You can manage your employees’ information, schedules and requests. The software as a service (SaaS) application provides the greatest variety of reports of any that we reviewed, which lets you look at your business from a multitude of data-filled angles.

This work schedule maker competes with our top-ranked services because of its many tools that make scheduling easier. In addition to giving you the ability to import data, the application can export information into payroll software like QuickBooks and ADP. There’s also a mobile app for managing schedules and shift changes, and you can easily text or email your employees to remind them about upcoming schedules or provide other alerts.

While TimeForge has all of the features we looked for in employee scheduling software, it is lacking in user interface experience. This software looks extremely outdated, and as such, it is not as intuitive to use as other systems in our review. TimeForge can complete the functions your business might require, but it will not be as easy as it would with other software in our lineup, especially when it comes to actually scheduling your employees. All the same, this is a competent and comprehensive scheduling program. It doesn’t let you publish conflicting schedules, which can save you a headache, and it has a time clock, which is an excellent feature that not all of the products in our review offer.

TimeForge’s reporting system especially shines, even compared with the best employee scheduling software we reviewed. The staff scheduling software includes over 55 reports on topics such as attendance, shift swapping, labor costs and employee retention. The reports include bar graphs that are color-coded and easy to read, making them suitable for your own perusal or for presentations. You can also access reports in different formats, which can be useful if you need to export the information to various programs or Excel.

TimeForge’s knowledgebase includes training videos and links to the manuals and FAQs that are already available on the website. You can also email or call the company with questions.

  • Administrative Ease of Use
  • Employee Accessibility
  1. This score evaluates how simple it is to set up the software for the first time and create schedules.
    Higher is Better
  2. 6  TimeForge Scheduling
    64.0 %
  3. 90.0 %
  4. 72.0 %
  5. 3  Deputy
    84.0 %
  6. Category Average
    77.5 %


TimeForge Scheduling has a comprehensive set of tools and strong scheduling capabilities. Its strongest point is its wide variety of well-organized reports, though its user interface is outdated and not as intuitive as others in our review.

TimeForge Scheduling Visit Site