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Staffcop Review

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You can manage your employees’ time and internet access with StaffCop. This internet management software can block them from downloading information onto USB drives or set keywords to flag any suspicious behavior from your staff. StaffCop works with your small business to ensure your team is following company policies and protocol.

StaffCop operates in transparent or stealth modes. You decide how you want to monitor your employees. If you use transparent mode, your employees will see they are being monitored. However, if you operate in stealth mode, all monitoring will go undetected by your staff.

You can easily track what websites your employees access and how frequently they visit these sites. You can also record how long they stay on each website. This helps you see how much time every day your staff members are spending on work-related applications and non-work applications.

StaffCop includes keystroke logging. This directly monitors what employees are typing. You can create a list of keywords so that StaffCop will alert you whenever an employee types one of them. This helps you look out for profanity, sexual harassment, information leaks and someone badmouthing the company. This also shows you what information an employee is sharing in emails, in chats or on social media.

In addition to website monitoring, this software tracks all activity on an employee’s workstation, including programs they access off the web. This could be a game or other application that is not related to work.

If you want a little more control and not just to monitor, you can block and limit employee access to websites. It's easy to block groups of websites, like those with adult content or even sports websites, as these are often distracting. You can also completely block social media channels if you want.

StaffCop does not offer customer support over the phone, but you can reach a representative via email or live chat. To look for answers on your own first, you can go to the online knowledgebase, which includes a FAQs page and articles about internet management software.

StaffCop offers many features to track your employees' actions and curb any undesirable behaviors. You can quickly set up keywords so that the software will alert you if employees are saying unsavory things and create keyword groups to block entire categories of websites.