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Work Examiner Review

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The Work Examiner internet management software lets you record your employees' keystrokes, monitor their instant messaging and capture screenshots in real time. These and more functions allow you to keep tabs on your employees' productivity and protect your company's confidential data.

One of the many useful features Work Examiner offers is Work Time Tracking, which helps you determine the activities that consume most of your employees’ time. Coupled with Work Examiner's attendance-tracking feature, it works as a productivity tracker.

Once you learn who spends the most time on non-work websites, chats, games or other pursuits, and who spends the most time away from their computers, you can limit access to nonproductive activities and maximize your company's efficiency.

Work Examiner, like most internet management software, can block or allow access to any website. It can block sites by URL, content keywords or categories. You can also set the software to display an alert on an undesired site instead of blocking it altogether. This helps you limit misuse of internet and office computers by your employees for their personal use.

This internet monitoring software provides real-time monitoring of employees' internet and computer use. It has both client-based and server-based panels. Both Work Examiner client and server panels are simple to use and install.

During installation, you have the option to set up several users simultaneously, either directly on the clients' workstations or remotely through the network. Each user is closely monitored in stealth mode, and you can create user groups for different departments or positions. The software records employees' web browsing habits, website groups, time spent on each website, detailed website and computer usage, and all other user activities.

The software can prevent users from accessing certain applications and websites. You can schedule times when they can access these sites. For example, you can limit certain entertainment websites to lunch breaks so employees conduct personal business only on personal time.

This network monitoring software generates reports based on your set criteria, and you can customize and schedule these reports according to your preference. You can generate reports to reflect a single user or a group of users. This internet management software can analyze log files and proxy server files.

You access all reports from the system console. Stored data is independent and saved on the console for future access. Reports are generated automatically from within the console, and Work Examiner can export reports in various formats. The reports can be displayed in graphs and charts.

Work Examiner is supported by staff in Russia. However, its staff works traditional U.S. business hours. The company provides online chat, email, FAQs, tutorials and telephone support in case you have questions.

Work Examiner lets you track your employees' attendance and daily activity at their computers. It has internet filters and a wide variety of reports that let you track almost any data on their usage and web surfing. This helps you safeguard company data and improve efficiency in your workplace.