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Pros / This OCR software converts PDF files to Microsoft Office documents with all formatting intact.

Cons / The program lacks tools to correct warping or image distortions.

 Verdict / This application performs well as OCR software in addition to its other functions, though it doesn't have all the conveniences of other OCR software.

Power PDF Advanced OCR software by Nuance creates PDF files that can be read by any PDF reader. It also accurately converts existing PDF files into Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect documents, complete with columns, tables and graphic elements all intact. Because it is not dedicated OCR software, though, it lacks a few features to make the process easier.

Not surprisingly – considering this document management tool contains much more than just an OCR program – Power PDF Advanced was one of the slower applications when we downloaded it in our initial lab tests. It's also slightly more complicated to learn with its numerous features and functions. Without a setup wizard, you can reference the knowledgebase or hover over the tools to learn their functions.

We began by performing tests to determine the accuracy of simple scanned text documents converted into searchable PDFs. The software does not correct warping or page distortions, preventing you from converting documents that scan poorly. However, it still made the conversions with 100 percent accuracy each and every time. Despite extremely light-colored text, varying fonts, and multiple images and tables, Power PDF Advanced replicated pages – first as images and then as searchable PDFs – with 100 percent accuracy.

Power PDF Advanced also contains some handy features to save time and boost efficiency. For example, if your business wants to capture specific information from forms, convert legal pleadings into PDFs or apply Bates stamping to documents, this application may work well for you. It is exceptionally accurate for typical business documents, and it transfers hyperlinks to live links in your new document. You can even input terms that you want redacted from the final document, and Power PDF will go through and black out every occurrence of that word.

Integration with other applications is smooth with Power PDF Advanced. It can convert PDFs to Microsoft Office or Corel WordPerfect documents, complete with accurate layout. It is also optimized to save and access your stored cloud documents. You can connect directly to Google Docs, SkyDrive, Evernote, Dropbox, Windows Live, Box, Office 365 and more.

The support that comes with this OCR scanning software is very helpful. The user guide is available right inside the program and is a searchable document. You can find a knowledgebase, user manuals, quick reference guides and how-to videos on Nuance's website.

  • Usability
  • Text Accuracy
  • Languages Recognized
  1. A score that reflects how easy the software was to install and use.
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  2. 9  Power PDF Advanced
    66.0 %
  3. 91.0 %
  4. 83.0 %
  5. 66.0 %
  6. Category Average
    76.3 %


Power PDF Advanced transforms your documents into searchable PDFs and converts PDFs into formatted MS Office documents complete with layout, text, images and tables. On typical business documents we used for tests, its accuracy was superb. It replicated charts, images and text of all kinds. While the software is difficult to use, Power PDF Advanced offers secure document management and delivery tools far beyond most optical character recognition software.

Power PDF Advanced 2 Visit Site