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Office Software Review

Why Buy Office Software?

Whether it's for work, school or play, the applications in your office software suite are a crucial part of your life because you are likely to use them day in and day out. With office software, you can draft a letter, write a report, create a budget or build a presentation, just to name a few possible uses. The best office software suites include a word processor, spreadsheet software, presentation software, an email client and often more applications.

From drafting a simple newsletter to a detailed legal document, office software suites have all the tools you will need on an easy-to-use interface. To learn more about office software suites, check out our reviews of Microsoft Office, WordPerfect Office and Celframe Office, which we've determined to be the best office productivity suites out there. We've also written articles on office software to help you better utilize the applications.

Office Software: What to Look For

Many computer systems will come with a basic text or note editor, but for a small business or even a student, it's not enough. Office Software suites include the applications you need to create documents, but they also have tools to help you communicate effectively with your network of contacts. There are many things to consider when picking an office software suite, and the following criteria are crucial for choosing the right office software suite for your needs.

Software Included
The best office software includes a full suite of applications for creating text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails and web-ready publications. At minimum, office productivity software should include a word processor, a spreadsheet application and a presentation builder, as they are the most utilized applications. The most complete suites also come with an email client, a database manager and a publishing platform. Additionally, office software that can be installed on more than one computer with each license is a plus.

Word Processor Features
A word processor that includes an overwhelming number of features can be intimidating, but the more features that are included in the software the more you can do with creating or editing documents. Additionally, you want office software that has more than just the basic editing and formatting features and has advanced features such as password file protection, track changes, a read-only function and grammar checking abilities.

Spreadsheet Builder Features
The best spreadsheet applications include features that allow you to create and edit formula-rich documents such as budgets, expense reports, financial statements, time cards and others. Additionally, password file protection, spell and grammar check, read-only and macro functionality are helpful features to have.

Presentation Creator Features
The finest presentation creator applications include an abundance of slide templates, themes, animations and styles to choose from to create a slide show presentation. Additionally, formatting abilities to edit and customize the slides, such as adding pictures and charts, are convenient features to have.

Supported File Formats
Because there are multiple office software applications available, there are a plethora of different file formats. The best office software will support just about any file format out there for documents, spreadsheets and presentations, which will make opening, editing and exchanging documents with others seamless.

Help & Support
Office software is generally simple to use, but like any computer application, being able to get assistance and technical support from the manufacturer is important. Having the ability to contact the manufacturer by phone, email or even by filling out an online contact form on its website is important. Additionally, frequently asked questions, user forums, tutorials and the user manual are important resources that should be available on the manufacturer website.

You won't have to worry about grabbing for that pad of paper and pen anymore with a complete office software suite. You will be able to create and edit professional looking documents, reports, presentations quickly and efficiently. With top-of-the-line office software, you'll also be able to manage and send emails all with one software suite.

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