PipelineDeals is sales force automation software that focuses specifically on the sales process and streamlining sales events. It also offers collaborative features for a better customer experience.

With PipelineDeals, you can track sales and create custom reports for better insights into sales and lead performance. You can receive a daily snapshot of the prior day's performance and sales numbers, and a dashboard displays the latest activities associated with sales deals. Each deal also has a dedicated page, so you can instantly see the activity, tasks and events associated with it. Sales team members can use this sales software to log calls and meetings through an activity function. Through email tracking, PipelineDeals can save emails and attachments as notes in a contact's record plus any associated deals.

This sales software lets you import contacts and sales opportunities from third-party applications, eliminating any duplicate accounts. Several applications, such as Google Apps, MailChimp, Outlook and LinkedIn integrate with PipelineDeals.

You can access this sales force software through a convenient phone app or via a mobile browser. Through PipelineDeals, sales team members can be alerted to scheduled events through a text message reminder feature, and team members can collaborate via its team-focused features. Another feature is that you and sales teams can set goals based on winning more money or deals, moving deals forward, completing tasks, or converting more leads to foster greater competition.

With PipelineDeals, you can filter data based on different settings, save your settings for future reference and share them with other team members. A sort feature allows you to customize list views based on companies, contacts and deals. In-line editing makes it easy to quickly change records without going to the source page. To help automate the sales process, you can customize deal templates to set a standard timeframe and task list for all deals.

PipelineDeals is sales software focused on sales and lead management, so it doesn't offer some of the full-service options as more expensive sales automation software. The features of PipelineDeals are helpful for sales teams that want more streamlined sales tracking and collaboration.

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