SalesJunction is a hosted sales force automation software and CRM tool for small businesses at an affordable price and with no annual contracts.

It offers a commitment-free platform with unlimited storage, free monthly emails, and phone support service. This sales automation software keeps your contacts and opportunities organized, and offers workflows to automate the sales process. You can set up sales activities in SalesJunction and automate notification emails. This platform integrates with your existing Gmail mailbox.

A comprehensive sales dashboard allows you to create a customized view of the most relevant items, whether those are reports, calendars or activities. You can use standard reports to view sales funnels, territory activity and sales cases. This sales software also allows you to customize reports so you see only the information you want to see.

SalesJunction includes email templates to help you craft professional communication to prospective clients. This sales software also includes a report scheduler function, which automatically sends reports daily, weekly or monthly. This functionality ensures sales team members are kept up-to-date with daily progress toward sales goals, and that sales goals can be properly adjusted based on performance.

The document library offers document storage for sharing with other sales team members or to attach to contact emails. The SalesJunction search feature allows users to find records quickly or search an online database.

You can import data from outside systems and utilize SalesJunction’s data migration assistance service for additional importing or exporting help. SalesJunction sales software supports API integrations with third-party systems. You can access SalesJunction via a PC or through their app for mobile access. The mobile app is limited to iPhones and iPads using iOS 4.3 or later, and is optimized for the iPhone 5. SalesJunction does not offer an app for Android devices.

You also have control to change settings, backups, subscriptions and payments through a customer self-service center. SalesJunction claims that data is secure and private via this sales and CRM system. SalesJunction is an extremely affordable option for sales force automation software. This software’s forecasting functionality is limited, but according to many users, the software is fairly robust for the price. This developer has a fair amount of support on its website, including video tutorials, a knowledge base, FAQs and a form to submit a support ticket for other questions you may have.

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