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Setmore Premium Review

PROS / This scheduling software offers two-way communication with calendaring services like Google and Outlook.

CONS / It cannot integrate with GoToMeeting.

 VERDICT / Setmore offers an easy scheduling experience for your clients and a strong administrative toolset for your staff. The application isn't completely intuitive, but it's still a strong contender for your small business' scheduling needs.

Setmore offers a powerful scheduling tool that allows your clients to easily set appointments and helps the staff of your small and medium business effectively manage them. This scheduling software offers convenient client features like mobile scheduling and text reminders as well as necessary administrative tools like payment scheduling. This meeting planner's ease of use and strong feature set earn Setmore our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award. It is a top scheduling application and a good choice for your small to medium business.

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  1. This score reflects how easy it is for clients to set up, change and cancel appointments.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 3 Setmore
  3. 100%
  4. 95%
  5. Category Average

Client Experience

Setmore offers two plans: a free version and a standard plan. The free version is useful because you can try it out to see if it's a good fit for your business before committing to the paid plan. The standard version is competitively priced. However, one of its biggest drawbacks is that you're limited to 20 users per subscription. This is surprising from a top scheduling software application, since many other scheduling programs on our lineup offer unlimited users per account.

We tested this platform from the client side, going through all the steps of booking an appointment, setting up recurring appointments and canceling appointments online. For each test, Setmore performed well. Our reviewers had little trouble performing each action and received confirmation emails when appointments were set or cancelled. Setmore earned a perfect 100 percent score in each area of our client-scheduling tests.

In addition to scheduling and canceling appointments online, your clients can request instant quotes and make payments at the time they book an appointment. Automatic time zone conversion is also included with this platform, so clients can book their visit in their own time zone.

Administrative Tools & Experience

Setmore offers all of the features we looked for on the administrative side of online appointment scheduling. With this platform, you can set up payment scheduling, which helps you create invoices and track payments. Your staff members can all view the group calendar, which allows them to see everyone's schedule and appointments that have already been set. This prevents overbooking and double booking, helping your office run smoothly. Staff can also view a client's history. This allows them to see how long someone has been coming to your office, his or her payment history and how often the client has rescheduled or missed appointments.

The administrative platform is clean and well organized. When setting up our account, the platform provided some guidance on what steps we needed to take to have the most effective booking website. While overall the setup went smoothly, it was not completely intuitive, leading us to access help to find certain features.

Setmore performed well when we integrated it within our website and other platforms. It earned a score of 90 percent in our embedding integration tests. It merges with social media accounts, which allows your clients to book an appointment directly from Facebook or other social media channels. This software also provides a link back to the booking website, so clients can make an appointment there if they choose.

Program Integrations

This meeting planner integrates with a solid number of business solutions, including some of the most popular calendaring tools. It has two-way syncing with both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. It even syncs with customer relation management (CRM) systems to help you manage your customer data and other vital information. This feature is especially useful if you are in a sales-driven industry.

This software does not merge with accounting services or GoToMeeting, so if you have scheduled virtual appointments through this service, it will not show up in your GoToMeeting account, and you will have to input this information manually.


Setmore is one of the top online scheduling software applications on our lineup. It offers a full administrative feature set and is easy to use on the client side, giving your customers a stress-free scheduling experience.

This software is also one of the few services that merges with CRM platforms, which is a strong bonus if you are in a sales-driven industry. The only feature missing from Setmore is customer wait lists. If this is not an issue, Setmore is worth your consideration.

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