Nulogy's PackManager is designed to handle the strategic supply-chain management needs of contract packaging businesses. This product is a cloud-based solution.

This software captures inventory and production data directly from your warehouse and shop floor. This process is automated, saving you data-entry time. Real-time data capture also lets you trace materials throughout your business. PackManager integrates quality control data into your warehouse and production processes so you can you catch supply issues and alter your sourcing strategy to eliminate the problem.

PackManager centralizes all your production information in one location, then uses this data to support your strategic sourcing decisions. This software's planning component lets you create material requirements documents based on current inventory and production goals. You can also create accurate production schedules and establish labor requirements based on live data, not estimates. Reporting features let you leverage this centralized data, giving you instant access to over 50 production, profitability and quality assurance metrics. Reports help ensure compliance with customer and government requirements, and product traceability controls let you search inventory by lot code, expiration date or other attributes. PackManager also handles recalls efficiently. You can create simulated or real recalls with a single click.

This strategic sourcing manager lets you use past production data and current inventory levels to create profitable quotes that reflect your production costs and capacity. PackManager also handles customer service and invoicing needs. The customer portal provides your customers with self-serve information on their orders thereby maximizing your employees' time. The invoicing system uses live data to track shipped products and generate appropriate paperwork. Centralized customer and production data ties invoices directly to quotes to help ensure accurate and consistent billing.

PackManager is a cloud-based software program designed specifically for the contract packaging industry. It has extensive inventory management and production tracking features, including real-time data acquisition from storage and production facilities. Streamlined accounting features can use live production and warehouse data to create accurate invoices and quotes. While this system lacks some of the contract management features offered by other supply-chain management programs, it includes an internet-based customer service portal that gives clients direct access to information about their products.

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