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Wufoo Bona Fide Review

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PROS / Wufoo is easy to use and easy to learn, allowing you to create surveys right away.

CONS / This software doesn't allow you to create full white-label surveys.

 VERDICT / Wufoo is a simple, easy-to-use platform that provides a detailed FAQs page and a blog to help you create surveys. Though it doesn't perform strongly in our hands-on respondent test, its overall scoring is still positive.

Wufoo is a survey software application established in 2006 and is part of the SurveyMonkey family. This application is based entirely online, allowing you to create and distribute surveys no matter where you are logging in. The Bona Fide package from Wufoo is the most popular package for small business owners and offers features that help you get the most accurate information from key audiences, such as customers and employees.

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This survey creator provides many features that business owners find useful, like a Net Promoter Score template and plan upgrades that help the survey software grow with your business needs. It also has 17 basic questions you can use when designing an online survey. Some of the features missing from Wufoo are the abilities to export files as a PDF and to fully customize your survey and reports. Wufoo offers instruction on customizing your online surveys, but it requires changing the specific program code or CSS.

Using the survey maker platform is easy. The buttons to add questions are all laid out on the left side, while the survey itself is on the right, and is automatically updated when you add new questions. This layout makes using the survey tools easy, as you can see what you are adding in real-time and you do not have to stop, save and refresh your survey after each question you add.

Editing a question is also a one-step process. You simply click on the question and make whatever changes you need. This quick method saves you time, while other survey software require multiple steps before you can edit questions that you have already created.

One drawback of this survey tool, however, is the viewing screen when you are analyzing answers from respondents. It only shows you a small number of respondent answers per page, meaning you have to click through pages of results to see everything. Also, when we generated a report, some of the charts overlapped, covering up important information.

Respondents gave Wufoo an overall score of 3 out of 5. The least-positive responses concerned the survey layout, with feedback stating that it was unappealing. Respondents also reported that they enjoyed fast load times and that, even though the survey shows all the questions on one page, it highlights the question that you are on.

Other drawbacks were that there was no progression bar to show how much of the online survey was completed and how much remained and there was no save-and-continue option. This feature is useful for longer surveys and makes it more likely that respondents will complete surveys that take more than a few minutes. Wufoo does offer a progress bar feature but only for multi-page surveys.

With Wufoo, you are provided dedicated customer service through email, a blog and FAQs. The blog is regularly updated and provides useful tips on how to make the most out of your Wufoo subscription and to create surveys that are more likely to get relevant information from the audiences you survey.


Overall, Wufoo is a reliable survey maker. While it did not score as high in our hands-on testing or in our respondent feedback, it still creates reliable surveys and provides options that would allow it to expand with your business as its needs grow.