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Zoho Standard Review

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PROS / Using this survey software, your respondents can save a survey and finish it later.

CONS / If you are uploading an image into your survey, it cannot have any symbols in the name.

 VERDICT / Zoho survey software offers many easy-to-use features for creating online surveys that are simple in design, yet comprehensive in scope. It's an excellent product, especially for small businesses looking for customer feedback.

The Zoho company specializes in providing a variety of software products for business owners, and one of its tools is Zoho Survey. The standard package is available at a low monthly price yet offers an excellent variety of features for building online surveys. With full customization, the ability to receive responses from a variety of venues, split-logic, and a feature that lets respondents save and finish a survey later, Zoho's survey software earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Business Experience

Signing up for this service is easy. You have an unlimited amount of surveys and questions that you can put in those surveys. After you create these surveys, you have multiple options for how to distribute them. You can share a link through email or over social media channels. You also have the option for offline survey collection, which allows you to conduct surveys without an internet connection and upload the data later.

Using this survey creator is relatively easy. The layout is simple and well designed. When you log in, you can create your online survey right away, as the software is very user-intuitive. You have the option of making your own survey from scratch, from a survey you previously worked on and distributed, or from one of the survey templates that Zoho provides.

There are basic questions you can add to your survey, such as multiple-choice questions and star ratings. Unlike other, higher-ranked survey creators, you do not have the option to change the icon in your star ranking. You also have to ensure that any file you upload to the survey only has alphabetic characters, not numbers or symbols.

One area where Zoho survey is strong is in design. It provides over 50 survey templates you can choose from to give your surveys a sleek appearance. We also tested how well the surveys performed once they were created. We sent them out, and the overall respondent experience was positive. Load times were reported to be fast, and no glitches or bugs were reported during loading. This is important as a business owner, since the data you gather from your customers is the whole reason behind obtaining a survey creator for your business. If customers are delayed or don't finish the survey, then you are unable to receive the data you need.

Respondent Experience

One feature offered by Zoho to enhance respondent experience is save and continue. This allows survey takers to begin a survey, save it and return to it later. This is useful for completing longer surveys. Other features that help you drill down to the information you need while making the survey easier for respondents is split logic and page logic. These features automatically skip questions or pages based on a respondent's answer, so they don't need to go through questions that don't apply to them.

Zoho also allows you to translate your online survey into over 30 languages and deliver it by email or social media so respondents can take it where they are most comfortable and in the language they are most familiar with.

Help & Support

As a Zoho customer, you have a couple of options for help and support. A detailed blog is provided, complete with tutorials and tips for creating successful online surveys. You can also submit a support ticket through your user platform.


Overall, Zoho is a reliable survey creator that can help you gather valuable insight into what influences key audiences for your business. Though we had some difficultly uploading and creating the survey, the overall experience was positive. It is a solid choice in survey tools.