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Replicon TimeAttend Plus Compare Quotes

Pros / This software tracks many different types of employees: part-time, salaried and contract-based workers.

Cons / TimeAttend's QuickStart and Plus packages don't include the shift-scheduling tool.

 Verdict / TimeAttend is time-tracking and management software with flexible management features, such as its payroll workflow. However, it isn't as intuitive to navigate as other programs we reviewed.

Replicon's TimeAttend is browser-based time tracking and management software that helps you automate time recording and reporting. In evaluating time-tracking software, we found this program's ability to track salaried employees especially useful.

It's easy to log in to the system, however, it's less intuitive to figure out how to complete key tasks than many of its competitors. It takes several steps, and clicking through multiple screens, to complete some tasks, which is more time consuming and confusing than other options.

Three levels of service are available for this software: QuickStart, Plus and Enterprise. The company posts the pricing for its basic and mid-range packages on its website and charges a flat, per-employee, per-month price. If your business needs in-person setup and training, these services are available.

In addition to recording employee hours, this system tracks accruals for paid time off and sick leave. It has employee self-service portals your workers can use to clock in and out and request time off. The portals also include productivity tracking tools that allow your staff to assign hours to certain tasks or activities.

You can use Replicon's TimeAttend software to track salaried employees, flexible-time employees and contract workers in addition to hourly employees. The software includes preconfigured pay rules and policies for salaried employees that you can select when you set up your account.

Using the administrator portal, you can quickly check employees' status and see who's on the clock, who's on a break and who's out of the office. Through this employee time-tracking portal, you can also see time-off requests needing approval.

The system allows you to set up email or mobile notifications to alert you when you need to approve timesheets or correct missed punches. It also allows you to set up notifications to alert employees when it's time to clock in or submit their timesheets. If you need access controls or shift-scheduling tools, you have to choose the Enterprise plan as they aren't offered in the QuickStart and Plus versions.

This time tracker allows you to review and approve your employees' timesheets before uploading them to payroll. You can set up a workflow to designate which manager or supervisor approves which employee's timecards. Timecards can be approved one at a time or in batches. The software integrates with many other business programs, including well known payroll, accounting and HR services including ADP, QuickBooks and Paychex. If the software doesn't integrate with your payroll service, you can export your data as CSV files.

Although the company doesn't sell physical timeclocks, it offers a mobile time-tracker app that your employees can use to log their hours. Replicon's TimeAttend also integrates with several third-party timeclocks, including models that have badge or biometric scanners for additional security and rugged models that can be used offsite.


Replicon's TimeAttend time tracking and management software can be used by businesses that have hourly, salaried and contract employees. It integrates with many business programs, including payroll and accounting services like ADP and QuickBooks. It has a mobile app and employee portals with an hours tracker and productivity tools. However, scheduling and access control features are only available with the Enterprise plan and the software isn't as easy to use as some of the other software in our review.

Replicon TimeAttend Plus Compare Quotes