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Cannonball Allstar Review

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PROS / The Cannonball Allstar is compatible with all Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

CONS / Many important features are missing, such as an LCD screen, included USB cable and power supply.

 VERDICT / If you're willing to purchase your own power supply and USB cord, the Cannonball Allstar is a good solid 3D printer.

For a sturdy 3D printer with color choices, the Cannonball Allstar looks pretty good. This pre-assembled 3D printer requires minimal maintenance and is easy to connect to your home or office computer.

The Cannonball Allstar prints much more slowly than other comparable 3D printers. With a 38 mm per second speed, it might take hours for even small objects to print. Speaking of small objects, you'll need to get used to them with the Allstar; it can only print objects up to 8 x 8 x 5 inches.

This single-head machine can print PLA one color at a time. The Cannonball Allstar does accept universal, generic 3 mm print cartridges, or you can purchase PLA from 3D Stuffmaker for $48 each.

Like other 3D Stuffmaker printers, the Cannonball Allstar has an acrylic chassis. Unlike its sister printers, however, this one only weighs 31 pounds, so it’s a little more portable. There is no 3D printer kit option; you can only buy this one pre-assembled. Although the chassis looks great in black or clear, key features like an LCD screen, heated platform and housing enclosure are all absent.

All Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems are compatible with the Cannonball Allstar. However, the only connection method is via USB cable, so you'll have to leave your computer close to the printer for the duration of your print. It would be nice to see an SD card or Wi-Fi printing option like those of some other 3D printers.

3D Stuffmaker doesn’t provide a warranty for the Cannonball Allstar, which can be a little frustrating if any of the small moving parts malfunctions. If you do need support, however, 3D Stuffmaker is easy to contact via email or phone, and there is a blog and online manual for quick reference.

Software is included with the Cannonball Allstar, so you won't have to search high and low for free or professional CAD programs. Other than software and maintenance tools for your prints, this 3D printer doesn't come with much else. A starter filament cartridge, 12-volt power supply and USB cable are all notably missing from the package.


This desktop 3D printer has poor connectivity options, and the lack of a supplied power supply is disappointing. We do appreciate the inclusion of printing software, however.