Pros / The Cubify CubePro can print wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

Cons / You have to purchase expensive replacement filament cartridges from the manufacturer.

 Verdict / The Cubify CubePro is one of the best 3D printers because it can print large, high-resolution models without tying up your computer.

The Cubify CubePro is a professional-quality 3D printer with numerous features and impressive connectivity. Its multicolor printing and free, easy-to-use software make it a wonderful choice. The machine comes in three versions, so you can choose the right printer for your home or office.

You can choose from three versions of this 3D printer: the CubePro, Duo and Trio. The Pro prints with one 3D printer head, the Duo with two and the Trio with three. Depending on which version you select, the print size ranges from 7 x 10 x 9 inches to 10 x 10 x 9 inches, which is on the large side for home 3D printers. Since there are multiple print heads, you can only print on certain sections of the print plate, depending on which color you're using. However, the software lets you know when you're out of bounds, which is convenient.

The print quality is excellent, but the CubePro is much slower than comparable machines, printing at a speed of only 15 millimeters per second. Most of our test prints printed correctly with clean lines and solid surfaces, but a small number of our test prints failed to complete or warped slightly. The included glue stick keeps parts flat when you properly coat the print plate.

This Cubify 3D printer is compatible with both ABS and PLA filament. Although the print bed is not heated, the enclosed print area is heated to protect your ABS models against warping. When you run out of the starter filament cartridge, you have to buy replacement cartridges. While many 3D printers accept either 1.75 mm or 3 mm universal 3D printer cartridges, the CubePro can only use Cubify’s proprietary filament. Each cartridge costs around $100, which is twice as expensive as most other manufacturers'.

It's relatively easy to install one to three cartridges inside the printer, depending on the model you choose. The internal housing enclosure keeps your print area clutter free, and plastic tubes feed the filament directly from the cartridge to the print head. Although the tubes are long and twist throughout the printer, we didn’t have any feeding issues with the CubePro.

The CubePro is one of the largest, heaviest 3D printers in our comparison. It’s made of aluminum and weighs over 90 pounds, so you need a dedicated space to house this printer. Despite its weight, it's actually easy to use, even for beginners. This desktop 3D printer has an LCD screen, which makes it easy to control your machine – you can use the printer straight from the box with very little training. The front door is extremely easy to open and close and gives you full access to the printer’s interior. There's also a trap door in the top of the machine should you need to reach the area around the print head.

There are many ways to connect your printer with your computer. You can use a USB cable to print files straight from your computer, and you can also save files to the included flash drive and plug it into the printer to print wirelessly. Best of all, you can transfer files via Wi-Fi, which is the most convenient way. Wi-Fi untethered printing isn't available on all consumer 3D printers, so it's a nice bonus feature on the Cubify CubePro. The LCD screen makes it easy to select your 3D model, and it shows a mock-up of your model with the portion completed on the screen for the duration of the print.

This 3D printer comes with everything you need to start using your printer right away: a roll of filament; the power supply; and maintenance tools, including a glue stick. The included CubePro software is free and easy to use and navigate. Although it doesn't have the advanced features of CAD software, you can convert files, move and scale models, and add support material. You can also use it to change colors, position models on the print plate, change the print quality and more. In addition, the software verifies that there are no errors, and it gives you an estimated print time and the finished dimensions of the part in the post-slicing process.

Cubify, a division of 3D Systems, produces some of the most popular 3D printers and accessories. It also provides abundant support. Should you need to contact customer support, you can email or call. The website also has a FAQs page, online manual and extensive video tutorials. Its 90-day warranty is really scant, as most other manufacturers offer one or two years of service.

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  • Max Build Volume
  • Manufacturer Filament Cost
  1. The build volume indicates the size of models you can print.
    More is Better.
  2. 6  Cubify CubePro
    1068.0 in.
  3. 570.0 in.
  4. 1000.0 in.
  5. 1185.0 in.
  6. Category Average
    771.1 in.


The Cubify CubePro prints high-quality 3D designs, and the LCD touchscreen makes it easy to work with. Beginners will love Wi-Fi printing and the simple software, while experts will like the flexibility and the benefits of multicolor printing.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Print Performance

Print Quality
Max Build Size H x W x D (in)
11.2 x 10.6 x 9
Print Layer Height (mm)
0.07 - 0.3
Nozzle Diameter (mm)


Design Ease of Use
Heated Platform
Maintenance Tools Included

Help & Support

90 Days
Technical Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Video Tutorials

Printer Design

Weight (lbs.)
Printer Dimensions H x W x D (in)
23.25 x 22.75 x 22.75
Frame Material
Print Plate Material
Print Head Upgrade
Additional Printer Versions
Duo, Trio


Startup Time
Removable Device
Wi-Fi Printing
USB Printing


Manufacturer PLA Cost (1 kg)
Filament Size (mm)
Additional Filament Materials
Universal Cartridge Capable
Included Filament