Pros / The Printrbot Jr. (v2) folds for easy storage between 3D projects.

Cons / Only one print head is supported, so you can only print with one color at a time.

 Verdict / Although the print size is on the small side, 3D designs print quickly and easily.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current lineup about 3D printers here.

The Printrbot Jr. (v2) 3D printer has a unique folding design for impressive travel and storage. Whether you want to build this one yourself or order a pre-assembled machine, the Printrbot Jr. (v2) is easy enough to navigate if you have some experience under your belt. Resolution, speed and connectivity are all strong suits of the Printrbot Jr. (v2).

3D designs print quickly on the Printrbot Jr. With speeds from 80-100 mm per second, you'll get high quality models in a short period of time. Resolution is usually 0.1 mm or about the thickness of a piece of cardstock paper. Sizes are less than average, however; you can only print items up to 6 x 6 x 6 inches.

PLA and ABS 3D printing materials are both supported by the Printrbot Jr. (v2). Universal or generic 1.75 mm cartridges are supported too, but Printrbot recommends you buy straight from them (rolls cost $30 each). Also, there's only one print head – the Printrbot Jr. doesn’t support multicolored prints.

The unique design of the Printrbot Jr. (v2) allows it to fold in half, collapsing the print plate. There is a DIY kit option for those of you who like to do-it-yourself, and the platform is heated for ABS printing. There is no LCD screen, however, so you'll need to rely on your 3D printing software for settings and prints.

Connecting the Printrbot Jr. (v2) to your home or office computer is easy. Any Windows, Mac or Linux operating system will work, and a USB cable is provided for straight-to-printer printing. You can even save your 3D files to an SD card and print that way.

Printrbot has a few options should you need to contact customer support. An email form, blog, forums, FAQs, helpful diagrams and a user manual can all be found on the website. Information is also sorted according to printer, so you won't have any trouble finding specific resources for the Jr. Phone support, tutorials and a warranty are missing however, which is a major drawback.

3D printing requires a few accessories, and Printrbot fortunately supplies them all. A power supply, USB cord, maintenance tools and a complimentary filament cartridge comes with the Printrbot Jr. (v2). Free software is available on the Printrbot site underneath the support tab.

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Unless you're an expert with 3D printing technology, the Printrbot Jr. (v2) might have a bit of a learning curve. The Repetier Host software isn't completely user friendly, but the Printrbot Jr. (v2) does have a simple build, and dual connection methods for easier printing.

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