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ASUS VivoTab RT Review

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PROS / It's a budget-friendly tablet PC that has an easy-to-view matte screen and a 9-hour battery life.

CONS / The plastic chassis feels chintzy, and a low-power processor and RAM impede the device's processing speed.

 VERDICT / If low cost isn't your biggest priority, we recommend considering other tablet PCs on the market.

The ASUS VivoTab RT is a middle-of-the-line tablet PC that will attract users with its price alone. The device costs a fraction of what most of the models in our lineup of tablet PCs cost. However, its cost is a direct reflection of the convertible tablet's overall performance, and power users are likely to be disappointed if they make such a compromise.

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This tablet PC comes with Windows 8 and has a resistive screen that easily registers touch input. However, it requires a firm touch, and multitouch gestures aren't seamless. The device also has PenWrite technology that allows you to use the included stylus as a pen to make handwritten notes.

  1. Diagonal measure of the display screen
    Inches (More is better)
  2. 12 ASUS VivoTab
    10.1 Inches
  3. 13.3 Inches
  4. 12.5 Inches
  5. 13.3 Inches
  6. Category Average
    11.93 Inches

When it comes to design, the ASUS VivoTab RT is mostly plastic and, subsequently, feels a bit like plastic. While this may be standard for ASUS, it doesn't stand up to the sturdier, aluminum models in our lineup.

The tablet PC has a matte, 10.1-inch display screen. We liked the matte because it doesn't cause a glare as a glossy display would. Additionally, the device has a very narrow viewing angle, which means you must view the screen straight on to see it clearly.

ASUS managed to cram one USB port, audio jacks and an SD card slot on the small body of the device. The VivoTab RT also has convenient Bluetooth and wireless capability. Also worthy to note is the tablet PC's battery, which has a maximum life of 16 hours (when docked). This is pretty good for a device that has a small, flush battery.

While feature packed, the device's hardware fails to impress. The included NVIDIA Tegra processor is on the slow side, and the graphics card is fine for watching standard definition, but it doesn't support HD. Additionally, the tablet PC only has 2GB of RAM, which also contributes to the device's slower processing speed.

As one of the more well-known computer manufacturers in the U.S., it comes as no surprise that Acer offers useful help and support options for users. Direct technical support is available via toll-free telephone, although finding the number can be a bit tricky on the Acer website. On the site, you'll also find a comprehensive knowledgebase that you can search using the product's name or other relevant keywords. Additionally, you can access FAQs, warranty information and the tablet PC's user manual online.


The ranking of the ASUS VivoTab RT in our lineup of tablet PCs is indicative of the device's overall functionality and performance. It's far from the most powerful, versatile or slick tablet PC on the market. However, it caters to a small market of mainstream users with its attractively low price tag.

ASUS VivoTab RT Visit Site