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Sony VAIO Fit 13A Flip PC Review

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PROS / Comes standard with a solid-state drive, a large amount of storage and a full HDMI port.

CONS / The Fit comes with two 3.0 USB ports, but one of them is for charging. It also has a shorter battery life than our top-rated tablet PCs.

 VERDICT / Despite having a shorter battery life than other tablet PCs, the VAIO Fit is a quick machine with a lot of versatility.

The Sony VAIO Fit 13A Flip PC has three different modes for your viewing pleasure: laptop, tablet and viewer. Having the convenience to move your screen around makes this a convenient computer for work and personal use. This tablet PC can flip 180-degrees and fold against the keyboard to turn into a tablet, or you can flip it just 90-degrees, prop it against the deck and you have viewer mode. This is an ideal mode for giving a presentation, showing documents or watching video.

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An attractive crease in the middle of the back of the display masks the hinge that allows the screen to flip 180 degrees. At 12.81 x 8.8 inches, this is a good-sized laptop but an overly bulky tablet. However, the large screen is a convenience when reading or watching video. At just under 3 pounds, it won't weigh you down when carrying the device around the office.

  1. Diagonal measure of the display screen
    Inches (More is better)
  2. 4 Sony VAIO Fit
    13.3 Inches
  3. 13.3 Inches
  4. 12.5 Inches
  5. 13.3 Inches
  6. Category Average
    11.93 Inches

This Sony VAIO features a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is average for a laptop or tablet device. The 1.6GHz 4th gen Intel Core i5 processor gives this Windows device plenty of power to multitask with ease. Combine that with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive, and you can have a video running alongside Microsoft Word without any noticeable lag. The battery will last for almost a full workday, up to six hours.

The 1080p webcam is decent for conference calls, but it is a bit grainy. Sony thoughtfully put the speakers underneath the deck of the computer. This keeps sound from being muffled or distorted no matter which mode you're in. The volume rocker is positioned on the back edge of the laptop. This seemed to be in an odd place at first, but once we put it into tablet mode, it was obvious why the design is this way. After using the device, you'll quickly get used to its placement and realize the convenience of accessing volume control when you're in any mode.

This Sony VAIO features an HDMI port, which isn't common on tablet PCs. They usually have a micro or mini HDMI port. We were pleasantly surprised to see the full-size port, which makes it easy to connect to a TV or other HD device to watch video. There is also a charging 3.0 USB port, a full 3.0 USB port, Bluetooth, SD Card reader and audio jack.

Swiping the screen to move from app to app is simple and smooth. The 10-point touch display is receptive and responds quickly. This device can be used with a stylus (sold separately), which makes writing and drawing easier. There are also many apps available in the Windows store made specifically for use with a stylus. The downside is that the Fit lacks a storage option for your pen, so the odds of losing it are high.


The Sony VAIO Fit is a transformable laptop that would be great for most any office setting. You can easily obtain signatures or show a PowerPoint presentation by flipping the screen. Complete with a fast processor, plenty of storage space and Microsoft Office, this is a useful tablet PC for home or work.

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