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Sony VAIO Tap 11 Review

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PROS / The Tap comes with an included stylus, which is rare among tablet PCs. It also comes with a keyboard that charges when attached to the tablet.

CONS / This tablet features only one USB port. There isn't a storage option for the included stylus, so you run the risk of misplacing or losing it.

 VERDICT / Though there isn't anywhere to keep your stylus when it's not in use, this tablet PC is quick and easy to operate. The included keyboard makes this a versatile machine.

Sony's VAIO Tap 11 is an alternative for those who prefer a tablet PC with a detachable keyboard. The ultraportable VAIO Tap 11 allows the freedom to position your keyboard however is most comfortable. In a meeting with little table space, you can place the tablet on the table and type in your lap on the Bluetooth-connected keyboard. This tablet PC comes with a stylus, called the Active Pen, which makes writing, drawing and touching the screen with precision more natural. Most other tablet PCs don't come with a stylus, so this is an added bonus with the VAIO Tap. Sony includes a convenient app called Note Anytime for VAIO that converts your handwriting to text. This is helpful during meetings when you're hurriedly writing notes.

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The Tap is a tablet with a magnetic, wireless cover that's also a full QWERTY keyboard. You'll find typing to be comfortable and much like typing on your usual PC or laptop. One of the best features of the keyboard is that it doesn't require plugging in to charge; the cover automatically charges when attached to the tablet. The detachable keyboard comes in handy in situations where a client needs to see the screen as you type, or when you don't have room for both the keyboard and tablet.

  1. Diagonal measure of the display screen
    Inches (More is better)
  2. 5 Sony VAIO Tap
    11.6 Inches
  3. 13.3 Inches
  4. 12.5 Inches
  5. 13.3 Inches
  6. Category Average
    11.93 Inches

The 11.6-inch LCD display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also known as 1080p, this is the industry high-definition standard, so you're sure to have a great picture when watching movies or other video. The Tap 11 features a 1.5GHz 4th gen Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage in a solid-state drive. To the average user, a solid-state drive isn't hugely different from the usual hard disk drive you're used to; however, its design has no moving components, meaning it is faster and more durable. With all of these strengths combined, you have a very fast, multitasking computer.

Sony included a convenient feature on the Tap called Rapid Wake. This allows you to wake your Windows tablet out of sleep mode in just two seconds. A main pro of this feature is that it won't compromise the already slight six-hour battery life because the tablet can stay in sleep mode for a while without taxing the battery.

The 1080p camera is great for video conferencing, while the 8MP rear camera takes decent photos. We wouldn't recommend using it as your main source of recording video or taking photos, but for the office, it's perfectly adequate. This tablet PC also features a USB 3.0, and micro HDMI port for connecting to a TV to view video, auxiliary jack, micro SD slot and Bluetooth. The Tap also has a convenient kickstand that props up the tablet so you can use it, with the keyboard, like a full-fledged laptop. At only 12 x 7.4-inches, this device is comfortable to carry with you anywhere.


Though lacking a long battery life and stylus storage and with only one USB port, the Sony VAIO Tap 11 is still a workhorse. You can easily manage multiple apps at the same time, and it's a convenient size to tote around the office.

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