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HP Officejet 7000 Review

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PROS / The print quality with this device is higher than most consumer-grade printers.

CONS / This printer is difficult to use and it lacks a significant amount of features.

 VERDICT / The HP Officejet 7000 is not the best wide-format inkjet printer on the market.

The last wide-format inkjet printer on our lineup is the HP Officejet 7000. In the competitive imaging and printing market, this 71 year old company has not fully applied its technological innovation skills, producing printers with lackluster features and low usability. The print quality—like the preceding HP Officejet Pro K8600—is quite high, but that is one of the few standout points of this wide-format inkjet printer. But, in accordance with the legacy established by HP, the customer support backing this device is outstanding. Though the print quality is slightly above average and the support is impressive, it cannot compete with some of our top-ranked large printers.

Printing Features

The HP Officejet 7000 holds an average amount of paper at a count of 150 and prints at a relatively slow eight pages per minute (ppm). It does print at the 4800 x 1200 DPI inherent of most HP models, which is above average in the normal market. This printer’s production quality will not disappoint you, even if its complete lack of additional features does.

In addition to the USB interface utilized by this device, an Ethernet port is provided for additional connective flexibility. There are no additional ports for PictBridge or FireWire, however. We would like to see the addition of a direct digital camera port and a higher print speed to round out this large printer’s features.

This printer is the smallest of all the wide-format inkjet printers we reviewed, weighing just 15.4 pounds. It measures 7.13 inches tall by 15.8 inches deep by 22.6 inches wide, making it the shortest printer we reviewed as well as the least wide. It sacrifices some important features to get to this trim weight, like print speed and media capacity, but we admired its portability.

Ease of Use

This printer’s ease of use is not far ahead of the companion HP printer also featured on our lineup. It does not have the extreme list of difficulties associated with it that the other model has, but it remains difficult to operate due to engineering similarities. We appreciated the effort to improve the devices maneuverability by making it smaller and lighter, but its simplicity was not improved in the transition. This is the most crucial missing attribute for HP’s printers.

Help & Support

As mentioned, the customer service provided by this printer’s manufacturer is astounding. All of our questions were quickly and easily answered by a look at the documentation or a quick chat with a representative. Hewlett-Packard went out of their way to make sure we were able to find answers to our questions.

In addition to the documentation and the live chat option, you can refer to the user forums for discussions on specific products and questions. If all of these avenues fail to answer your inquiry, a dedicated telephone line and an email address are available to you.


In the limited world of wide-format inkjet printers, it is important that you provide more than the HP Officejet 7000 manages to produce. With a higher print speed, a few extra features like direct device connections and improved usability, this printer might be able to compete with our top-ranked models. As it stands, however, it merits its position at the bottom of our matrix.