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Vinyl Is Alive and Well at CES 2017

Vinyl Is Alive and Well at CES 2017 For guys like me who have taken their music and audio reproduction very seriously for, dare I say, decades, the resurgence of vinyl in the past couple of years is

Best Sound Bar Tech at CES 2017

CES 2017 was a dual trend year in the sound bar world: Dolby Atmos and mini sound bars are going to take the market by storm in 2017. Dolby Atmos is an immersive sound technology that simulates 360 de

Favorites from Pepcom CES 2017

Our time at the Pepcom Digital Experience introduced us to several favorites worth sharing. Pepcom is a massive electronics showcase, where new and innovative products are unveiled the night before th

6 Best Speakers for Vinyl

If you have a large collection of vinyl records, you likely own a vinyl converter turntable, which lets you play and transfer your music via USB. It's a good way to digitize your music so you can list

Best Condenser Microphones Review

A condenser microphone is a must-have piece of equipment if you work in the music field, record audio or put together podcasts. This type of microphone tends to be more sensitive than standard microph

Best DVD Recorder Player Review

One of the best parts of DVD technology is the ability to personalize your video library. A DVD recorder makes it possible to make copies of your favorite shows or movies. And unlike VHS cassettes, DV

Top 7 Road Trip Essentials

You and your family have been itching to hit the open road since your last vacation. Bags are packed, the car has a full gas tank, and your smartphones and tablets are charged and ready to go. As you

Sony Tunes Out of the Digital Radio Race

Finding a tabletop or portable digital radio that plays AM and FM radio stations that broadcast in HD are harder to find than ever. When the technology was first introduced, consumer electronics giant

Digital Radio: The Future of HD Airwaves

When digital radio technology was introduced, it was meant to make radio better for everyone. The best digital radio can offer includes higher quality sound, more programming from a single frequency a

Bose Digital Radios Do Exist – Just Not Where You Might Expect

Bose is known especially for its home consumer electronics, specifically its Wave Music Systems, which are meant to have the sound of large audio systems in a compact design. When digital radio techno

Are Digital Picture Frames Worth It?

Digital photo frames allow you to display dozens or even hundreds of photographs on a single device. They resemble typical picture frames, except they store electronic copies of images. With the proli

Best Large Digital Picture Frames

Viewing your digital photos in a traditional way, framed on the wall at home or on the desk at your office is easy with one of these top-rated digital photo frames. Each of them offers a big display

Insignia NS-DS9PDVD15 - Car DVD Player Review

Our portable DVD player reviews focus on battery-powered DVD players that you can fold up and use anywhere. However, if you’re looking for something that will stay in the back seat of your car, we rec

Best Wireless Digital Frames for Under $100

You have been snapping pictures of vacations, holidays, weddings and babies throughout your life. You might have albums or shoeboxes full of photographs, memory cards bursting at the megabytes, and yo

Digital Picture Frame vs Tablet

Photos look great displayed in the home, and digital photo displays are a high-tech way to showcase your photographs. You can buy a dedicated digital picture frame or a tablet that doubles as a photo

Best Digital Frames that Play Video

Digital cameras have changed the way you take pictures. Instead of worrying about using up too much film and taking the extra time to get your pictures developed, you can now take all the pictures yo

How 4K Video Will Transform Your Home Theater

There's a new video image resolution on the march, and it's called 4K. If you aren't yet familiar with 4K video, it won't be long before you've become acquainted. The next quantum leap in high def, 4K

5 Ways to Improve Your Surround Sound System

Surround sound systems dramatically improve your home TV-watching experience. Once you've bought an AV receiver and a surround sound speaker system, there are still more ways to get the most out of yo

Why Every Songwriter Should Own a Handheld Recorder

I wrote my first song in 1995 when I was barely 14, after I got my first guitar for my birthday. I don't remember much about the song, other than I wrote it for a girl, it was called "Mushroom Cloud L

The Best Poolside Playlist for Portable Speakers

Now that you’ve got a portable speaker, it’s time to get jamming. Several wireless speakers are water resistant, sand resistant and come with rechargeable batteries, so you can take them almost anywhe

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