GPX DH300B DVD player review

The GPX DH300B is a fast DVD player with 1080p upscaling for HDMI, that's easy to use and cheap to buy.

GPX DH300B DVD player review
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The GPX DH300B is a quick to load and easy to use DVD player that offers 1080p HDMI upscaling but a short warranty.


  • +

    Fast to load

  • +

    HDMI 1080p upscaling

  • +



  • -

    Short 90-day warranty

  • -

    No USB

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The GPX DH300B DVD player is on our list of the best DVD players you can buy right now, largely thanks to its ability to upscale to 1080p via HDMI and the fact it's very cheap.

This DVD player is not only one to rely on for greater quality of output, making it ideal for bigger TVs, but it's also one that's so easy to use it's great for anyone, even the more technophobic out there.

This isn't just easy to use but it's smart too with support for lots of formats including PAL and NTSC as well as discs including DVD+/-R/RW as well as CDs. It also works with JPEG discs allowing you to us this for your next slide show on the big screen.

GPX DH300B DVD player: Design and build

The GPX DH300B is a pretty standard looking DVD player, which is a good thing as this is able to fit into most homes without standing out. Its black finish lets it blend into the shadows of a cabinet with nothing but a green power LED to make it stand out. Yup, there's no display on this player - but that keeps the price down.

Buttons are kept to a minimal amount too with a few for play and pause, stop, eject and power. Everything else is taken care of by the clearly laid out and easy to see and use remote control. 


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Round the back you've got a selection of connections including HDMI for more modern TVs. But for other screens you also have the option to use S-video, coaxial digital audio, composite video and RCA stereo audio. The only thing you might want which isn't here is a USB port.

GPX DH300B DVD player: Features

The GPX DH300B features upscaling which means even older DVDs will get a resolution bump to bring them up to a more modern 1080p quality. That means that even on larger TV screens the quality of the image is good enough to support the whole screen space.

There's support for multiple audio tracks as well as subtitles, where the discs offer those options. This is ideal for anyone that enjoys foreign language films, for example. These options are easily switched on or off using the remote control.

The DVD player is able to work for old DVDs but also burned discs. That means support for DVD+/-R/RW as well as CD, CD-R/RW and even discs loaded up with JPEG images. 

Both NTSC and PAL are support and discs can be displayed in both 16:9 as well as 4:3 aspect ratios. There is a warranty with this player but it's only 90 days long so not a massively appealing feature then. It isn't as feature packed as our top pick, the Panasonic DVD-S700, or the Sony SR510H, which comes in second.


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GPX DH300B DVD player: Performance

The GPX DH300B offers a great quality picture thanks to that 1080p upscaling. It will also offer clear and smooth video reproduction for the likes of 720p and 1080i quality inputs too.

This is a rapid player with a load time that was one of the fastest we tested. That means from inserting the disc to playing you only have to wait seconds – 14.64 on average.

Thanks to progressive scan you can enjoy a quality picture that's smooth and realistic in its recreation of the original recording. 

The many buttons on the remote make it easy to control the player's various options. That means you don't have to dive into and navigate lots of menus for things like quickly switching subtitles on and off, for example. 

There is an option to watch DVDs for varying angles, if the disc has that option. You can also use the remote to zoom in allowing a clearer view of specific parts of an image – a great option for sports fans.

Should I buy the GPX DH300B DVD player?

The GPX DH300B is a decent DVD player for anyone that wants 1080p upscaling as well as support for home made DVD discs. You get JPEG support for slideshows on the big screen and a very capable remote to make everything on this fast-to-load DVD player easy to use.

The 90-day warranty isn't great and there are complains online of players going wrong in the longer term. But for the money this does a good job in our testing of most DVD playing needs. 

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