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Xiaomi CES Debut: Smartphone, Router and a TV Thinner Than an iPhone

Xiaomi made its first appearance at CES this year with the announcement of Mi TV 4 – which is just 4.9 millimeters thick – a whole 30 percent thinner than the iPhone. The screen almost ha

New TV Technology at CES 2017

CES 2017 isn’t game-changing for TV technology. Instead, it’s an update year. There still isn’t a market for 8K TVs, let alone any content. Flexible and transparent displays were als

Best Portable TV Reviews

Believe it or not, portable TVs have many uses and have gained significantly in popularity over the last few years. Early portable TVs were clunky, received poor reception and were usually black and w

Guide to Managing the Cables in Your Home

Once you find the best coaxial cable for your needs, you'll want to protect it and keep your cords organized. There are several ways to do this. Add Protection The best way to shield your coax and m

Pros & Cons of Streaming Media Players

If you don't own a smart TV, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy using the web on your TV. For LED TVs without integrated Wi-Fi technology, you can purchase an internet streaming media player. These are

Are Curved TVs the Next Generation of LED TVs?

TV technology constantly evolves. Black-and-white to color, CRT to flat screens and now we may be in store for the next development of TVs – the curved screen. In a few years, will the best LED TVs be

Next Dimension: The Future of 3D TV Tech

Remember the red and green paper glasses you would get in a '90s 3D movie? The picture was dim, the movie looked like a bunch of Christmas lights when the glasses weren’t on your head, and the film ha

History of the DVR: From Tube TVs to HD DVRs

Though there were many technological developments before Philo T. Farnsworth came on the scene, laying the groundwork for his innovations, you could say the inception of DVRs occurred when this modest

The Evolution of LCD TVs to LED TVs

Television is an ever-evolving technology. The history of transmitting images over airwaves can actually be traced back to the late 1800s. In 1950, almost a million U.S. homes had a television set. W

The Wonders of LED TVs

In "Back to the Future," when Marty goes back in time and his future uncles ask him how many TVs he had, he answered “two” to their shock. His grandma answered, “He’s joking, no one has more than one

The Battle for TV Supremacy

Sherlock vs. Moriarty, the Federation vs. the Romulans, Batman vs. Superman –the greatest fictional battles occur when neither competitor has a distinct advantage over the other. This is the same con

Plasma TV Myths Debunked

There are many choices when you're shopping for a new TV—LED, LCD, 4K and plasmas are a few of the options. You might have heard some negative rumors about plasma TVs because many early plasma screens

Can You Get 3D TV Without Glasses?

3D TV has always had one major drawback: glasses. While these glasses have the potential to be attractive, they are more likely to be unappealing and uncomfortable to the majority of people. For this

Over-The-Air, Satellite and Digital Cable: What's the Difference?

When you're looking to expand your television options and selection, there are three obvious options: over-the- air, satellite or digital cable. They all offer a selection of television stations, but

Petite & Powerful: 7 Ways to Use Your Budget Micro Projector

One of the beauties of a mini projector is that it costs so much less than a traditional projector. You may be getting into the range of 100 lumens of brightness instead of the 1,500 range of the more

The 10 Best Smart TV Apps

Smart TV apps are catching on less quickly than their counterparts in the smartphone world. However, the day will soon come when TV apps are as big, popular and numerous as the ones you have on your

Projector Mounts: How to Hide Those Pesky Wires

The vibrations of your home theater’s surround sound course through you as a wave of explosions crash across your line of vision. You can’t believe you are experiencing entertainment like

How To Install a TV Wall Mount

Investing in a flat screen TV usually means investing in a TV wall mount as well. After spending thousands of dollars on a TV, it’s a good idea to do a little research on a TV mounting system. The wal

How HDMI Cables Work

HDMI cables were first developed in 2003, and they have evolved over the past decade to provide a universal connection that combines both audio and visual channels into one interface. HDMI, which stan

How to Find the Right HDTV Antenna for Your Area

Once you decide to make the switch from standard-definition television (SDTV) to high-definition television, you’ll need two things: an HD-compatible TV set and an HDTV antenna. Picking out a plasma T

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