Blow away your favorite tech-head with a Christmas gift of an iPad Mini. Just imagine their reaction on that festive morning when they open the present and are confronted with a sleek, shinny Apple iPad Mini. The reaction you can expect to receive ranges from the classic jaw-drop to an ecstatic series of thank you’s. There may even be some spontaneous dancing as the realization hits home that they’ve just received the very best Christmas gift gadget of the year.

The value of an iPad Mini, whether the Wi-Fi only model or the Wifi+ Cellular version, is captured in a lengthy list of benefits such as the cameras that allow your recipient to FaceTime with other iOS users over a Wi-Fi connection or the ample screen size in a compact package that makes surfing, reading, watching movies and pretty much every other activity on the iPad amazing. That doesn’t even begin to tap the usefulness of Siri. To illustrate a small fraction of that practical feature, parts of this review were actually dictated via Siri on an iPad Mini. Just think about the application that this might provide for a student or corporate guru. Note-taking in meetings or classes may actually become an anticipated activity! Obviously, the iPad Mini will be used long after the holidays are over.

Personalizing an iPad Mini to the tastes of your chosen giftee is a fun and exciting experience. As with all other Apple iOS devices, you can engrave a sentiment on the back of the Mini, but don’t stop there. Purchase a SkinIt Skin, perhaps in a fine leather-look print, to protect the Mini’s case while still preserving that sleek feel and appearance. A Smart Cover in their favorite color is always a good choice, and then there’s everyone’s favorite item – the generous iTunes gift card – that will let the recipient download apps, music, movies and books to suit their particular tastes.

Give an iPad Mini for Christmas and you're guaranteed a jaw drop, a stunned silence followed by unbridled joy and maybe even a spur-of-the-moment happy dance! Your Christmas gift will tickle any tech lover’s fancy and you’ll be pretty darn popular too.

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