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Bodycraft Galena Pro Review

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PROS / This home gym is built with heavy-gauge steel tubing.

CONS / You cannot upgrade the weight stack with the Bodycraft Galena Pro.

 VERDICT / The Bodycraft Galena Pro is versatile and strong, but you are limited with weight.

The Bodycraft Galena Pro is powerful home workout equipment and is the recipient of our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award. This machine has the capabilities to let you perform up to 25 exercises, and it includes numerous accessories as well as an optional leg press. A lifetime warranty is included with this home gym, and it is built with heavy-gauge steel tubing. It also features adjustable seats and two seats for multiple users. Additionally, the customer support from this company is excellent.

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  1. The number of exercises you can perform using the home gym.
    More is better
  2. 3 Bodycraft
    25 Exercises
  3. 70 Exercises
  4. 27 Exercises
  5. Category Average
    37.50 Exercises

Gym Functionality

This home gym's weight stack ranges from five pounds to 200 pounds. Because its smallest weight is five pounds, this machine is easy to use and ideal for users of all strengths. However, there are no options to upgrade the weight stack beyond 200 pounds, which can be a drawback.

You can perform up to 25 different exercises with this machine. These exercises include chest press, abdominal crunches, lat pulls and leg curls. This machine is designed to work out your entire body, not just focus on one specific area, which you might find with some similar home gyms.

Gym Design

The design of this home gym stands out when compared to similar products. The machine features two adjustable seats. The seats include high-density foam and are covered by vinyl. The machine also features a dual-function Pec Dec. This allows you to perform traditional flys and dumbbell-style flys. You also have the option to include a leg press on the machine. The optional leg press provides up to 300-pounds of resistance and features an adjustable foot plate. However, this accessory does come at an additional cost.

This home gym is much larger than many of the home gyms we reviewed. This Bodycraft system is 81 inches tall, 72 inches long and 58 inches wide. It also weighs approximately 480 pounds. It is built with heavy-gauge steel tubing. When using this home gym you will want to place the product in an area with plenty of space for performing the exercises.

Help & Support

A lifetime warranty is included on the frame and all moving parts. We were pleased to see this exceptional warranty as many home gyms only offer a short warranty on moving parts. Additionally, if you have any questions, concerns or issues regarding this system, email, telephone and live chat options are available from Bodycraft. This is one of the few companies that offers live chat support.


The Bodycraft Galena Pro is a versatile and durable home gym. You can receive a full body workout, and you can perform up to 25 exercises. Furthermore, it provides two seats, an optional leg press and a training DVD. A lifetime warranty is included on the entire gym, which is a large benefit. Overall, the Bodycraft Galena Pro provides the equipment and the capabilities to help you receive an intense strength-training workout in your own home.

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