TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review

The TRX GO Suspension Training Kit is a brilliant body strength system for those who want to exercise at home and outdoors.

TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review
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The TRX GO Suspension Training Kit uses straps to leverage body weight for a wide range of workouts that help build, tone and work muscles.


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    For use indoors and out

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    Strength training for beginners up

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    Durable and portable


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    Requires learning

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The TRX GO Suspension Training Kit is an affordable way to perform body strength training wherever you are, both indoors and outside (think parks and other green spaces). It's one of our best home gyms top picks for anyone looking for a portable strength training kit, as it's essentially a series of straps and connectors that can be bundled into a bag after use. 

The TRX GO Suspension Training Kit takes the Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) system developed by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick and makes it even more mobile. Using it is as simple as attaching the straps using the supplied 'anchors'. From there, you use your own bodyweight to add resistance to tone up and built core strength, all with the support of the TRX app for guidance. 

It's a good system for your weight training days, and leaves plenty of space at home for a cardio machine such as one of the best treadmills for running or walking, one of the best exercise bikes for spin class workouts, or you could try the fat-burning approach of cross-training with the best elliptical machines. In our TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review, we look at the system's features, design and performance to help you decide if it's right for you.

TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review: Overview

The TRX GO Suspension Training Kit helps you ditch heavy weights and machines that take up lots of space in favor of straps that can go anywhere with you. These enable you to push, pull, squat and more for a full body workout using seven basic core moves, with potential for over 1,000 variations. That's incredible considering how compact this kit is.

TRX Go Suspension Training: Specs

Design: Straps

Weight:  1lb

Exercises: 1,000+

Max user weight: Up to 350lbs

The TRX GO is an affordable and space saving way to workout at home, or anywhere else,  like your yard, while giving you serious resistance using your own weight. There are compact full weights systems too though, such as the Total Gym XLS Home Gym. For the top-end option, read our Total Gym FIT review.

Many of the world's best fitness trackers are now capable of tracking weights workouts, so if you don't yet own one, it could be worth investing in one to keep track of how effective your workouts are.

TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review

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TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review: Design

The TRX GO Suspension Training Kit weighs in at just 1lb, making it ideal for travel and storage. Despite the compact form, the TRX GO is good to support up to 350lbs of user weight. For a system that can handle up to 410lbs of user weight, read our Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym review.

You get a single anchor and locking loop with TRX GO. These can be attached to any door, rafter, beam, tree, pole and beyond. There are two other anchoring systems included, enabling you adapt the system to whatever furniture or surface is available for use where you are. 

From that comes two premium webbing straps with barrel lock adjusters for varying length to suit any user or workout. The handles are soft grip and comfortable and come with loop straps which enable you to also use them for feet without the worrying of slipping out.

TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review

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TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review: Features

The TRX GO Suspension Training Kit is ideally suited to working out at home, in the yard or when traveling thanks to the multiple anchor options, which all come in a useful mesh travel pouch for easy transport. 

Since the way TRX GO treats your body as the interconnected system it is, you get a super effective workout. That means you can build and tone muscle without the likelihood of imbalance or injury that weights can lead to. It also means this is a great option for anyone recovering from an injury.

There are seven basic moves that can be carried out using the straps: push, pull, plank, rotate, hinge, lunge and squat. All that adds up to a total body workout with as much or as little effort as you want to put in. Since this uses multiple muscle groups for balance while working specific areas you'll notice increased heart rate and fat burning when working out using the TRX.

For a system that focuses on weight training and a healthy dose of cross-fit, read our Total Gym FIT Home Multi-Gym review.

TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review

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TRX GO Suspension Training Kit review: Performance

That TRX GO Suspension Training Kit requires you to learn those basic seven moves to get the most out of it. Once you've got them it's possible to add lots of combinations and variations to get a wide variety of workouts, over 1,000 according to TRX.

Thankfully this system comes with a free six months access to the TRX app which has guided workouts to help you get the most out of your investment. The installation and use is super simple, setup in seconds and can be moved easily really making you as mobile as you need to be.

Of course the downside here is the same as the upside. You're limited by body weight. That can mean easy pick-up of exercises but it also means limits. You're then required to do more as you get stronger in order to put more strain on your body. Unlike weights, where you can add more to bulk up, this is more about strength building through high-rep work.

So this is great for toning, strength building and fat burning, but not so great for bulk muscle building. If you want to pack on some serious muscle, take a look at the weight training plans on offer at Hitch Fit, featured in our guide to the best online fitness training programs.

Should you buy the TRX GO Suspension Training Kit?

The TRX GO Suspension Training Kit is ideal for anyone that wants to use body weight to tone muscle, keep fit and build strength without taking up space. This is great for on the go use as well as working out in the yard if the weather allows, but with the option to head back inside.

You are limited to your own body weight but at this price it could be worth having this as a supplement to some basic weights. A great, affordable way to keep fit and healthy anywhere.

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