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Life Fitness G2 Review

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PROS / An upgradable 50-pound weight stack is an option for this home gym.

CONS / There are no training videos or DVDs available.

 VERDICT / The Life Fitness G2 is a basic home gym that requires plenty of space.

The Life Fitness G2 is a basic home gym system. With this gym you can perform up to 25 different exercises to give you a full-body workout. It includes a 160-pound weight stack, but an optional weight upgrade is available. It also features one adjustable seat and a lifetime warranty on the frame of the machine.

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You can perform a full-body workout with this home gym solution. There are 25 different exercise options with this machine, including three bicep, five chest and seven lower-body exercises. There is no leg press on this home gym, but it is an optional accessory you can purchase separately. This home gym includes a 160-pound weight stack. If you desire a heavier weight, a 50-pound upgradable stack is available. We are pleased to see this upgrade available as many home gyms do not offer this option.

  1. The number of exercises you can perform using the home gym.
    More is better
  2. 7 Life Fitness G2
    25 Exercises
  3. 70 Exercises
  4. 27 Exercises
  5. 25 Exercises
  6. Category Average
    37.50 Exercises

This home workout system has a basic design. It features one seat that can be adjusted. It is fairly compact, but it still requires a large space to use. This home gym is 83 inches tall, 71 inches long and 48 inches wide. It isn’t the largest home gym available, but it certainly is not the most compact. It weighs 379 pounds, making it too heavy to move easily once it is placed.

There are several accessories included with this machine. The Life Fitness G2 includes a 160-pound weight stack, ankle strap, lat bar and revolving low row bar. It does not come with any DVDs or training videos to help you use the system.

There is a lifetime warranty included on the frame, pulleys and welds on the home gym. While it's impressive that so much is covered under such a long warranty, be aware that the pads and cables are only covered under a three-year warranty.

Email and telephone options are available if you run into problems or concerns with the gym and wish to speak with a customer representative. All of our interactions with representatives from this company were pleasant, and they were willing to address all of our questions and concerns quickly and easily.


The Life Fitness G2 provides numerous exercises for all areas of the body, and an upgradable weight option is available. The design on this home gym is fairly basic, but it does include a lifetime warranty on the frame, pulleys and welds. Overall, the Life Fitness G2 will provide you options for an in-home workout.

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