Pros / The Powerline BSG10x can perform up to 40 exercises.

Cons / This machine only offers a one-year warranty on moving parts.

 Verdict / The Powerline BSG10x provides variety with your workouts but it doesn’t offer any features or accessories that sets it apart from other home gyms.

The Powerline BSG10x is a home gym system that allows you to receive a full-body workout using the many included accessories and features. This Powerline model features a smaller design and a simplified installation process compared to other machines. It also includes a 160-pound weight stack and steel aircraft cables.

One of the greatest benefits of this home workout system is its ability to perform up to 40 exercises for your entire body. The machine includes an arm and leg developer station, a lat tower and three pulley position options. There is also an optional leg press for this machine, but it will come at an additional cost. This Powerline home gym includes a 160-pound weight stack. However, there is no option to upgrade the weight stack.

This Powerline home gym features a compact design. It only provides one seat, but the seat post is adjustable. If you want seats for multiple users, take a look at the Yukon Wolverine Multi-Station. It costs more, but provides four seats.

With this home gym, you will need a space at least 6.3 feet in length and 6.6 feet in height for you to fully use the machine. It also weighs approximately 328 pounds.

An ab crunch harness, a low row bar and a 48-inch lat bar are all included with this home gym, and assembly of this system is fairly simple, especially when compared to many similar products. The home gym comes in one box, and it is already 90 percent assembled when you open it. All of the cables are hung by the factory, so installation requires little effort on your part.

A 10-year warranty covers this home workout equipment’s frame, and there is a one-year warranty on the parts of the machine. We are disappointed to see such a short warranty available on the home gym’s moving parts, especially considering the best home gyms offer longer warranties on the full machine.

Representatives from this company are available if you have any questions, concerns or problems with the home gym. They can be reached via email or telephone. Unfortunately, there is no live chat support available.

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  • Number of Exercises
  • Starting Weight
  • Maximum User Weight
  • Maximum Weight
  • Standard Weight
  • Number of Seats
  1. The number of exercises you can perform using the home gym.
    More is better
  2. 6  Powerline
    40.0 Exercises
  3. 70.0 Exercises
  4. 2  Yukon
    27.0 Exercises
  5. 25.0 Exercises
  6. Category Average
    37.5 Exercises


The Powerline BSG10x provides a good workout for your entire body. This home gym can help you perform up to 40 different exercises, and it includes a 160-pound weight stack. It provides a compact design and one adjustable seat. The warranty is shorter than that offered on other machines, but for all this home gym provides, it's a solid option for single users and those who want a variety of exercises.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Featured Workouts

Ab Crunches
Leg Extensions
Lat Pulldowns
Chest Press
Pec Flys
Leg Press

Included Items

Weight Stack
Lat Bar
Ankle Strap
Training DVD

Gym Functionality

Resistance Technology
Number of Exercises
Starting Weight (pounds)
Maximum User Weight (pounds)
Not Available
Maximum Weight (pounds)
Standard Weight (pounds)

Gym Design

Height (feet)
Length (feet)
Width (feet)
Machine Weight (pounds)
Number of Seats
Adjustable Seats
Hand Grips
Folds for Storage

Help & Support

Warranty on Parts
1 Year
Warranty on Frame
10 Years
Live Chat