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Pros / The Powerline P2X features six different workout stations.

Cons / This home gym doesn’t include any training DVDs, and its warranty is short.

 Verdict / The Powerline P2X is fairly basic, but the upgrades provide a more versatile, powerful workout solution.

The Powerline P2X is a home gym that provides six workout stations and can perform up to 22 different exercises. This machine includes a 160-pound weight stack with the option to upgrade 50 more pounds. It is a compact machine, but the optional leg press greatly increases its dimensions. A 10-year warranty is included on the frame of this home gym system.

This home gym enables you to perform 22 different exercises, which will give your entire body a workout. The machine provides six workout stations, including multi-press arms, lat pull-down/high pulley, ab crunch/mid pulley, functional pulleys, leg extension/leg curl and seated row/low pulley. The home gym also comes with a standard 160-pound alloy weight stack, and a 50-pound upgrade is available for an additional cost.

The design of this machine is excellent. It features a single adjustable seat with a two-way adjustable back pad. It is 83 inches tall, 71 inches long and 66 inches wide. That makes it a fairly large home gym, but it does not take up the amount of space required by similar home workout solutions that we reviewed.

A leg press attachment can be added to this machine at an extra cost. It increases the bulk of the machine considerably. The gym doesn’t include any type of exercise or training DVDs to help you utilize the machine to its fullest.

The frame of the Powerline P2X is covered under a 10-year warranty. However, the parts are only covered for one year. We are disappointed in the short warranty and would like to see a lifetime warranty included on the whole machine.

Email and telephone options are available for reaching support representatives. However, there is no live chat support, which would provide a quick and easy option for reaching a support representative with any questions or concerns.

  • Number of Exercises
  • Starting Weight
  • Maximum User Weight
  • Maximum Weight
  • Standard Weight
  • Number of Seats
  1. The number of exercises you can perform using the home gym.
    More is better
  2. 9  Powerline P2X
    22.0 Exercises
  3. 70.0 Exercises
  4. 2  Yukon
    27.0 Exercises
  5. 25.0 Exercises
  6. Category Average
    37.5 Exercises


The Powerline P2X has the capabilities to help you enjoy a powerful workout from home, but it doesn’t offer any features that sets it apart from similar products on our lineup. You do have several upgrade options, which we are pleased to see. We wish training DVDs and a longer warranty were included with this home gym but overall, it provides all of the main features you need in a home workout solution.

Powerline P2X Visit Site