Pros / This machine features more than 85 exercise options.

Cons / The Total Gym Fit only offers a two-year warranty on the machine’s moving parts.

 Verdict / The Total Gym Fit is a solid option in a home gym that provides versatility but can be folded away and stored in your home.

The Total Gym Fit is a home gym that is designed differently than many workout systems we reviewed. With this home gym, you use your own body weight to increase your resistance. You don’t use heavy weight stacks or a large, space-consuming machine. This home gym solution features an ergonomic glide board that allows to you perform many different types of exercises. It is compact and can be folded up for storage. Plus it includes several accessories to help you get the most out of your workouts.

With this home gym you don’t have to worry about weights and weight stacks. You use your body weight to increase the resistance instead of weights and other pieces of equipment. It features a glide board that you can adjust to increase or decrease resistance. Additionally, one of the advantages to using this machine is you can perform more than 85 different types of exercises with it. This system offers the most exercise options out of any home gym that we reviewed. Furthermore, it includes DVDS and a wall chart that helps you get a full workout with the machine and perform as many exercises as possible.

The design of the machine is a large benefit. This home workout machine is small and compact. It can be folded for storage, and even when it's unfolded, it still does not take up much space in your room. This workout machine is only 18.5 inches wide, 50.5 inches long and 8.5 inches tall. It features a strong steel frame and the system can handle a user’s weight up to 400 pounds. Many similar home gyms can only support weight up to 300 pounds.

The Total Gym Fit a two-piece wing attachment, leg pull accessories and a squat stand. It also comes with up to six exercise DVDs and a nutritional program and meal plan to help you achieve optimal results. Many home gyms do not offer these additional accessories.

A lifetime warranty is included on the frame of the machine. However, there is only a two-year warranty on all moving parts. The best home gym machines offer a longer warranty on the moving parts. If there are any issues or if you have questions or concerns regarding this home gym, you can reach representatives via email, telephone and live chat.

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  • Number of Exercises
  • Starting Weight
  • Maximum User Weight
  • Maximum Weight
  • Standard Weight
  • Number of Seats
  1. The number of exercises you can perform using the home gym.
    More is better
  2. 4  Total Gym Fit
    85.0 Exercises
  3. 70.0 Exercises
  4. 2  Yukon
    27.0 Exercises
  5. 25.0 Exercises
  6. Category Average
    37.5 Exercises


Total Gym Fit is an excellent option in a home gym, particularly because it is more compact than other machines. The design allows for easy storage, and you can perform more than 85 exercises with the system. Furthermore, several exercise DVDs are included with the machine that ensure you receive the most from the home gym. We would like to see a longer warranty on the workout system’s moving parts but overall, the Total Gym Fit is ideal if you desire a machine that is compact, versatile and sturdy.

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2 Years
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Ab Crunches
Leg Extensions

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