Pros / This portable air conditioner is well-rounded in performance, efficiency and convenience.

Cons / This unit is heavy at 78 pounds, making it difficult to carry up and down stairs.

 Verdict / The Frigidaire Gallery is a solid portable air conditioner that's efficient to run. Although it's a bit on the heavy side, its well-balanced design makes it one of the best portable air conditioners on the market.

In our research and testing we've noticed that most portable air conditioners have tradeoffs. They either have great cooling performance but are inefficient to run or they are great at dehumidifying but produce loud noises. This isn't the case with the Frigidaire Gallery. It is a balanced portable air conditioner that not only is powerful at cooling, but is also cost efficient and feature-rich. It even has a sleek, modern design. Because it’s a well-rounded portable air conditioner in the areas that matter, the Frigidaire Gallery has earned our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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  • Room Size
  • Power
  • Moisture Removal
  • Estimated Annual Energy Cost
  • Noise Level
  1. The maximum room size the machine will be effective in.
    Larger is Better.
  2. 1  Frigidaire Gallery
    550.0 Square Feet
  3. 550.0 Square Feet
  4. 700.0 Square Feet
  5. Category Average
    535.0 Square Feet

Cooling Performance

This Frigidaire unit can quickly cool most rooms. Although it doesn’t have the highest performance specifications, it still performs well. It has specifications that are above the average of the 10 units we considered, including its power rating and room size rating. It also has a few nice cooling features such as a three fan speeds and a dehumidify mode.

One feature that stands out is this unit's oscillating louvers. Only three out of the 10 portable air conditioners we reviewed have this feature, the other two are the Frigidaire FFPA1422R1 and the LG LP1415GXR. The oscillating louvers circulate the air, helping to cool the room evenly. This improved circulation also helps cool the room quicker.

Efficiency & Certifications

Despite its good performance, this portable air conditioner is one of the most efficient units we reviewed. In fact, it’s the second most efficient in our comparison. With an energy efficiency ratio of 11, it is above the average of 9.898 and much higher than the lowest of 8.9. We also estimate that the annual energy cost for this unit is $94.76, which is much lower than the $136.19 operating cost of the least efficient product we reviewed. You'd save over $40 in energy costs per year using this machine.

In addition to efficiency, this unit is safe to run. It has passed two certifications to prove this – the RoHS and UL. The RoHS certifies that the unit does not contain harmful materials such as lead and mercury, and the UL determines whether the unit has passed public safety standards. These two certifications are important if you value safety, and the Frigidaire Gallery has both.


This portable air conditioner is one of the most convenient units available on the market. It is not only easy to use, but it's relatively quiet. The sound rating of 53 decibels is well below the highest in our comparison, which is 57 dB. Although it still makes noise while in use, it’s noticeably quieter than some models.

This unit has many convenient features. These include the standard features that most units have, such as a 24-hour programmable timer and wheels on the bottom. It also has a sleep mode and an auto-restart feature that are uncommon among portable units and quite useful. The auto-restart feature will turn the unit back on if it loses power, and the sleep mode will adjust the temperature per your sleeping pattern.


The only big drawback to this machine is its size. At 78 pounds, it is the heaviest unit we reviewed. We found it difficult to carry the machine when we brought it to our testing lab. However, once the unit is on its wheels, you can simply roll it instead of carrying it. Because of the casters, this weight isn't a major issue, unless you plan on moving it up and down stairs.


The Frigidaire Gallery is a well-rounded portable air conditioner that can cool your room efficiently. While most units have tradeoffs, this one does not. It cools rooms quickly and doesn’t hog energy, making it an excellent option for your cooling needs.

Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244T1 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Efficiency & Certifications

Energy Efficiency Ratio
Estimated Annual Energy Cost
UL Listed
RoHS Compliant


Noise Level (dB)
Remote Control
Buttons Only
24-Hour Programmable Timer
Auto Evaporative System
Auto Restart
Sleep Mode

Cooling Performance

Room Size (square feet)
Power (Btu)
Maximum Airflow (CFM)
Moisture Removal (pints/hour)
Multiple Fan Speeds
Fan Mode
Dehumidify or Dry Mode
Oscillating Louvers


Weight (pounds)
Max Window Size (inches)
Vent Hose Length (feet)
Width (inches)
12 5/8
Depth (inches)
12 5/8
Height (inches)
36 13/16

Help & Support

Compressor Warranty
5 Years
1-Year Appliance Warranty
Email & Phone
Online Manual
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