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Cuisinart 14-Cup DCC-3200 Review

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PROS / This coffee maker gives you several programming choices.

CONS / You cannot use a thermal metal carafe.

 VERDICT / The Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is a versatile drip coffee maker that produces good-tasting coffee.

The Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker gives you plenty of options for your morning cup of java. You can do so many things to make just the right brew to suit your taste with the controls on this machine. The versatility of this Cuisinart model makes it a good choice for someone who wants to adjust various elements of making coffee and how it tastes. For example, you can choose the coffee strength and heat, as well as set the warming plate temperature.

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During those weary mornings when you cannot wait for a full pot to finish brewing, you can quickly sneak a cup without making a mess, thanks to this drip coffee maker's brew pause capability. At first, you might need to check the user manual before programming this Cuisinart coffee maker, but you can adjust so many things on it that you will end up with coffee as flavorful and hot as you want. Its controls are all in front, along with a blue backlit display.

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Using these options, you can select regular or bold-strength coffee and make it hotter without risking that awful scorched taste. You also have the choice of using a gold-tone coffee filter or disposable cone-shaped paper filters, depending on your preference. Another useful feature is the auto brewing program that lets you set the machine to make coffee as much as 24 hours ahead.

We made coffee that our taste test panel found aromatic, hot and tasty, although a couple of panel members found the flavor a bit on the weak side compared to other brands' coffee makers. If you like your coffee really robust, you can add an extra scoop of grounds to the filter basket, which can hold 15 tablespoon-sized scoops. However, you need to be careful about possible overflow if you add more than that and also if you are using coffee beans that have been ground to an extremely fine texture.

If you do not need a lot of coffee, you can push the 1-4 Cup button and get a single or just a few cups. This drip coffee maker makes five beeps once it is done brewing, although a bit of coffee will probably still be draining from the filter basket into the glass carafe for a short time. You do not get the option of using thermal metal carafes with this machine, which some people prefer because of their durability. Some other coffee maker brands let you use any kind of carafe you like.

This device also has a reset function that retains how you have programmed this Cuisinart for a minute if your machine stops because a fuse blows or the power goes out. You can also program it to automatically shut off at a certain time under normal conditions.

To give you the best-tasting coffee, you get a chlorine filter with this coffee maker, which can remove any trace of unpleasant odors or tastes from the water you use to make coffee. In addition, the plastic parts of this coffee maker are free of BPA (bisphenol A), a chemical often used in plastic products that some researchers have linked to health problems.

You will know when to clean your Cuisinart, since its "clean" LED indicator will come on. This drip coffee maker is easy to clean by running white vinegar and water through it, then running clear water to rinse away the vinegar taste. You can hand-wash the carafe, brew basket and lid, or put them on the top rack of a dishwasher.


The Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is a midsize machine that offers several functions to enhance the coffee-making process and the coffee itself. It is decently easy to use and produces good coffee. The recommended coffee-to-water ratio could be a tad weak for some connoisseurs, but that is easily remedied by adding more grounds or buying stronger coffee blends.

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