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A bean-to-cup coffee maker worthy of 5-stars

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Tchibo Machine
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The Tchibo Machine was wonderfully easy to set up and brewed fresh and delicious coffee consistently with one press of a button. Highly customizable, this coffee machine will delight coffee connoisseurs who value the freedom to adjust their brewers’ settings to their liking. The Tchibo is also a smart coffee machine that tells users when it needs to be maintained and if any issues arise that need immediate attention. I have been converted over to team Tchibo, and I know you will be too.


  • +

    Freshly brewed coffee, from bean to brew, in a few easy steps

  • +

    The machine self-maintains with its rinsing feature

  • +

    Can brew espresso, regular coffee and large coffee

  • +

    Has a boost button to make your coffee stronger

  • +

    Highly adjustable to make your perfect cup of coffee.


  • -

    Doesn't have a function that can froth and/or steam milk

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From the heart of Hamburg, Germany, The Tchibo Coffee Machine has finally been brought to the U.S. by Tchibo Coffee International Ltd. The Tchibo Coffee Machine is a sleek coffee machine that allows users to savor fresh coffee in the comfort of their homes thanks to its bean-to-brew technology. By eliminating the need for wasteful coffee pods, The Tchibo enables you to savor the purest, freshest cup of coffee guilt-free. The Tchibo can make espresso, regular coffee, and large coffee with the click of one button. Want your coffee stronger? This coffee machine is equipped with a boost button to add that extra kick you crave.

Tchibo Coffee International Ltd was founded in Germany in 1949 as a coffee mail-order company and, for many years, has been selling coffee machines in Europe. The Tchibo is the company’s only machine currently available in the U.S. and boasts maximum quality and a slim, compact build. One of my favorite aspects of this coffee brewer is how customizable you can make your cup of coffee beyond espresso, regular, or large coffee. The Tchibo allows users to adjust presets for the water quantity dispensed and the grinding degree to customize the aroma and taste of the coffee. 

If you are looking for a quality coffee machine that will brew you a cup of coffee or espresso as good as any of the best espresso machines, look no further than The Tchibo. Considering how customizable and easy it is to use, The Tchibo’s $399 price point is well worth it. And it's perfect for those who want a delicious cup of coffee in under three minutes. Is The Tchibo one of the best coffee makers out there? Let me tell you...

Alexandra Pamias
Alexandra Pamias

Alexandra Pamias has been reviewing household appliances for two years as a freelance writer. She has tested everything from robot vacuums and coffee makers to fans and air fryers. 

Alex reviewed this coffee maker from her studio apartment where she lives with her partner. Her favorite coffee drink is espresso with a little milk and sugar. 

The Tchibo Machine: Key specs

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Type of coffee:Espresso, Coffee
Dimensions:(W) 7“ (H) 12.4“ (L) 15.6“
Weight:18.1 lbs
Settings:2 oz espresso, 6 oz coffee, 8 oz large coffee
Type of coffee needed:Fresh coffee beans
Power:275.6 P.S.I (19bar)
Cord length:31.5 in
Material:Stainless steel & plastic (BPA free)
Pressure: 275.6 P.S.I (19bar)

The Tchibo Coffee Machine: Price & availability

Tchibo Coffee International Ltd has many coffee maker models on the market in Europe, but The Tchibo Coffee Machine is the only one currently available in the U.S. You can purchase The Tchibo on the manufacturer's website for $399.00, which is discounted from its usual $531.98. You can also buy it on Amazon for $399.00.

Score: 5/5

The Tchibo Coffee Machine: First impressions

The Tchibo Machine arrived almost ready to use, requiring only a simple setup process. Delivered in a sturdy cardboard box wrapped in protective bubble wrap, all the essential components, such as the water tank and drip bowl, were securely attached to the machine. I merely had to remove the expansion for the coffee bean compartment from the water tank and plug in the cord. Although the online manual I consulted indicated the inclusion of a cleaning brush, I didn't receive one, possibly due to the machine being a refurbished unit. 

When using the coffee machine for the first time, Tchibo recommends rinsing the machine by allowing two cups of water to flow through it. To ensure a top-notch cup of coffee, it is recommended to do this after two days of not using the machine as well. This is as simple as pressing the rinsing/hot water button on the far right of the touch panel, which will flush water throughout the whole system. Don’t forget to place a cup under the coffee spout to catch the water.

Tchibo Coffee Machine as delivered in box

The Tchibo Machine was delivered in a sturdy cardboard box (Image credit: Future)

The Tchibo will automatically start a rinsing cycle every time the machine is turned on (as long as it has cooled down since its last use). In the rinsing cycle, the machine expels coffee residue and residual water from its pipes, simultaneously cleansing the coffee spout opening. This step guarantees a consistent quality and temperature for your coffee with each brew, which is why this factory preset is unchangeable.

The next step is to add the key ingredients to make coffee: coffee beans and water. To fill the water tank, all you have to do is pull it out of The Tchibo, fill it up, and place it back in. The water tank has a 37.2 oz capacity and has an integrated filter. Pour coffee beans into the coffee bean compartment and place the top back on a top with an aroma protection seal. The coffee bean compartment can hold 5.64 oz of coffee beans, but with the compartment expander, the capacity can go up to 10.6 oz.

Tchibo Coffee Machine easy set up instructions

The Tchibo Machine is easy to set up thanks to clear instructions (Image credit: Future)

The Tchibo Machine: Design

Impressively, The Tchibo Machine fits seamlessly on my countertop, occupying minimal space. It measures 12.4 x 7 x 15.6in (h x w x l) and weighs 18.1 lbs.

The design of this coffee maker exudes elegance, featuring a harmonious blend of matte and shiny surfaces. What caught my eye was that the buttons (except for the power button discreetly placed on the side of the brewer) were invisible when the machine was turned off, contributing to its sleek and modern aesthetic.

Score: 5/5

Tchibo coffee machine design elements

The Tchibo Machine has clever design elements (Image credit: Future)

The Tchibo Machine: Performance

Since the first cup of coffee that I brewed with The Tchibo Machine, I have enjoyed using this machine every time. The Tchibo makes three different types of coffee: espresso (2 oz.), regular coffee (6 oz.), and large coffee (8 oz.). These options allow for versatility, an asset to any household with members that have different coffee preferences. The coffee spout is also adjustable to accommodate different cup sizes. 

The Tchibo’s versatility really shines through with the customizability of the beverage size, allowing users the option to adjust their machine to make the cup of coffee that is perfect for them. The Tchibo automatically dispenses three different coffee types and quantities (see above), but one can change the presets for the water quantity to suit their needs. At its loudest, The Tchibo clocks about 65 dB when it’s grinding beans and brewing coffee. 

I found that the coffee bean compartment held enough coffee beans that I could brew many cups of coffee without having to refill it often. On the other hand, refilling the water tank was a task that I had to do more often, which makes sense since a rinsing cycle had to happen beforehand for almost every coffee cup brew.

tchibo coffee machine bean compartment

The Tchibo Machine has a decent sized bean compartment (Image credit: Future)

The Tchibo makes it very easy to clean its different parts. To clean the casing, a soft, damp cloth will do. The water tank can be washed in the sink with a mild dish soap, and to clean the filter, you can remove it and run it under water, too. The drip bowl and coffee ground containers are removable and can be washed with dish soap as well. Just make sure to dry all parts thoroughly before reattaching them to The Tchibo.

The brewing unit can be found on the side of The Tchibo, behind a cover that is easily removed. To clean the brewing unit, rinse it under hot water and then let it dry completely. Before inserting it back into The Tchibo, you can use a cleaning brush to remove any leftover coffee grounds or powder from the brewing unit compartment.

Like most coffee machines, The Tchibo has to be descaled to avoid damage caused by limescale. The brewer will detect when it needs to be descaled by lighting up a special symbol. The descaling process takes about 15 minutes, and you can use a standard liquid descaling agent to do it.

tchibo coffee machine washed parts

The Tchibo Machine is easy to clean thanks to separate removable parts (Image credit: Future)

Aside from knowing when it needs to be descaled, The Tchibo will detect issues, and different symbols will light up to let you know when an action must be taken. When a water drop symbol shows up, it's time to refill the water tank, and when the coffee bean symbol lights up, it's time to add more coffee beans to the coffee bean compartment. There are other symbols that let you know when it's time to empty the coffee ground container or when there is an issue with the brewing unit. It’s important to familiarize yourself with them and complete the necessary steps to make sure your brewer remains functional for as long as possible.

Score: 5/5

tchibo coffee machine emptying coffee grounds

Emptying The Tchibo Machine's coffee grounds compartment (Image credit: Future)

The Tchibo Machine: Taste Test

When it comes to coffee, I am very particular about what I like. Growing up in Spain, I became accustomed to delicious espresso in almost every local coffee shop you go into. My go-to is a cafe con leche (espresso with milk), and for years, I was a Nespresso die-hard fan when it came to home brewers. The first cafe con leche I made with The Tchibo Machine took me back to my favorite local coffee back home. I have brewed many cups of espresso and coffee with The Tchibo since that first taste, and I can officially say I am team Tchibo now (sorry, Nespresso). 

When it comes to the taste of the coffee, not only does The Tchibo have the coffee boost button, but one can also change the grinding degree to make the grind coarser (which makes the coffee less strong) or finer (which adds more aroma to the coffee). You can do this by adjusting the grind regulator, clockwise or counterclockwise, while coffee is being ground. 

While I adjusted the grinding degree to test The Tchibo, I realized I was very happy with the factory setting, but I can see this feature delighting those who are even more particular about how their coffee tastes. 

I did not experience the usual issues that people complain about when it comes to other coffee brewers. The coffee never tasted too bitter, acidic, or sour. I am curious to see how The Tchibo Coffee Machine holds up over time.

Score: 5/5

tchibo coffee machine in action

The Tchibo Machine in action (Image credit: Future)

Should you buy The Tchibo Machine?

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Score card
PricePrice is in line with similar brewers on the market and its high quality makes the price worth it too.5/5
DesignFits seamlessly on countertops, occupying minimal space and featuring a harmonious blend of matte and shiny surfaces.5/5
PerformanceMakes espresso and two different coffee sizes from bean to brew with one click of a button.5/5

Buy it if...

You're excited about buying and trying different coffee bean varieties

Since The Tchibo Coffee Machine grinds coffee beans and brews them all in one go, users have endless possibilities when it comes to trying different coffee beans.

You're concerned about the waste that pod-based coffee machines generate

The Tchibo Coffee Machine’s bean-to-brew technology eliminates the need for pods, making it a more sustainable option.

You're looking for an easy-to-use brewer that is also highly customizable to make your perfect cup of coffee

The Tchibo Machine’s settings can be adjusted, such as the grinding degree, so that users can play around and figure out the best setting for their favorite cup of coffee.

 Don’t buy it if…  

You're looking for a brewer that can also steam or froth milk

The Tchibo Machine doesn’t have milk frothing or steaming capabilities incorporated into its design. 

How does the Tchibo Machine compare?

I've awarded the Tchibo 5 stars which I've never given any product I've reviewed. If it continues to operate this way then it 100 percent deserves to keep hold of its 5 stars as it stands the test of time.

Alex Pamias

The most similar machine to The Tchibo Machine is the Concierge Elite Espresso Machine Diamond White, which retails for $499.99 at Target. Both machines have bean-to-brew technology, but the Concierge Elite version also has a frothing mechanism to foam milk, allowing users to make cappuccinos and macchiatos too.

Another similar brewer is the Café™ AFFETTO Automatic Espresso Machine, which goes for $549.00 on the retailer’s website. While the price is higher than The Tchibo Coffee Machine, this brewer can be connected to an app which may account for the price difference. 

How I tested The Tchibo Coffee Machine

  • I made myself two espressos per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, for two weeks. I also made my partner a regular coffee every morning.
  • I spent time testing out the different features, including adjusting the grinding degree to play around with the coarseness of the coffee
  • I cleaned and maintained The Tchibo following the directions in the manual

I tested The Tchibo Coffee Machine in my home for two weeks, making a variety of coffees per day to ensure I understood everything the brewer had to offer and any potential limitations. I taste-tested the coffee with and without milk and sugar, too. 

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Alexandra Pamias

Alexandra Pamias is a freelance writer residing in vibrant New York City, specializing in all things kitchen and home appliances. With a passion for cleanliness and order, she turns her compact studio apartment into an organized haven, proving that big city living can be both stylish and practical. Alexandra is your go-to source for tips on keeping your space spick and span while making the most of it! She has reviewed kitchen and home products for Homes & Gardens, Real Homes, Tech Radar and Top Ten Reviews.