JURA GIGA 10 review: an impressively premium bean-to-cup coffee machine

The JURA GIGA 10 can brew an impressive number of customizable coffees while doing all the work for you.

JURA GIGA 10 pouring hot milk into coffee
(Image: © Future / Dan Fauzi)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

If you can afford it, the JURA GIGA 10 might be one of the best automatic coffee machines you can get. Select from 35 beverages with a one-touch menu, and customize your coffee's strength, foam, and milk/coffee ratio. And, most importantly, the coffee tastes immaculate.


  • +

    35 drinks to choose from

  • +

    Impressive customization for each drink

  • +

    Automatic, one-touch design

  • +

    Dual grinders and dual pumps for true coffee brewing


  • -

    Large and expensive

  • -

    Sometimes cancels mid brew

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Swiss brand JURA crafts automatic espresso machines to maximize beverage choice while minimizing effort. They're premium machines that are more of an investment, with the cheapest coffee machines in their range selling for around $1,000. 

Because of the high price point, you'd expect JURA's machines to be among some of the best coffee makers. They certainly offer a great deal in terms of features, but as with all single-serve coffee makers, it can largely depend on who they're best suited to.

The GIGA 10 is one of the latest and most expensive models in the JURA range. It features some of the best customizations in an automatic bean-to-cup machine, reflected in the $4,999 price tag. If you're willing to splash out, you won't need any fancy barista skills to brew the 35 drinks here. You can even fine-tune each drink to your liking, all through a one-touch control panel.

All the best espresso machines can brew barista coffees, but the JURA GIGA 10 works for you. We were impressed by everything the comprehensive machine can do, but there are undoubtedly a few things to note before deciding if it's for you. 

Headshot: Dan Fauzi of Top Ten Reviews
Dan Fauzi

Dan tested the JURA GIGA 10 over 4 weeks, which became the primary coffee machine used in the house. To utilize all the features and customization on offer, Dan (and occasionally their housemates) tried as many different drinks as possible, adjusting the settings to see just how much the coffee machine could do. Testing was done in a kitchen with three different coffee beans used.

JURA GIGA 10: Key specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Row 0 - Cell 1 Row 0 - Cell 2
Water tank capacity88 ouncesRow 1 - Cell 2
Coffee typeAutomatic bean-to-cupRow 2 - Cell 2
Bean capacity2x 10 ouncesRow 3 - Cell 2
Grinders2x electronically adjustable ceramic disc grindersRow 4 - Cell 2
Pumps2x high-performance, 15-bar pumpsRow 5 - Cell 2
Brew options35Row 6 - Cell 2
ControlOne-touch 6.7in panoramic panelRow 7 - Cell 2
Dimensions12.6 x 16.34 x 19.53in (w x h x d)Row 8 - Cell 2
Weight39.7 poundsRow 9 - Cell 2

JURA GIGA 10: Price & availability

The JURA GIGA 10 retails for $4,999. It is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive at-home coffee machines on the market. This price reflects the amount of tech packed into the huge appliance, but sadly, it makes it unaffordable for most. You can find the GIGA 10 at the JURA website or at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, and 1st in Coffee for around the same price.

At the time of writing, it's the third most expensive machine in JURA's range, behind the GIGA X7 and the GIGA X8 - both professional coffee machines suited to offices and workspaces. Because of the GIGA 10's size, weight, and price - I was surprised it isn't labeled similarly. Instead, it's marketed for home use rather than commercial use. 

Score: 3 out of 5

JURA GIGA 10: Setup

The first thing you notice about the JURA GIGA 10 is just how massive it is. The delivery driver delivered it to me in a crate, rolling it to my door on a dolly. There was work being done in my kitchen at the time, so I had to store it upstairs for the day. And trust me, getting it upstairs was a mission. 

Inside the crate was the coffee machine, the milk system, and a set of cleaning wipes with instructions.

JURA GIGA 10 in crate

JURA GIGA 10 inside delivery crate (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

There was little setup once it was unpacked and plugged into my kitchen wall. The removable drip tray was already attached, so I had to connect the power cord and attach the milk system - essentially a glass jug connecting to the machine via a bendy pipe.

The coffee machine came without a manual, however, but it didn't take long to find one online to figure out how to turn it on. I couldn't find the power button, admittedly, but it is hidden underneath a cover at the top of the machine. The cover wasn't the easiest to open either, and it did seem a little excessive considering how much surface is taken up to accommodate only an on switch.

JURA GIGA 10 coffee machine, power button cover open

The power button (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

Regardless, the machine was set up relatively quickly and was instantly the most premium-looking appliance in my kitchen.

JURA GIGA 10 coffee machine

Illuminated spouts (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

JURA GIGA 10: Design

The JURA GIGA 10 can do a lot. Brewing 35 different specialties is not something many coffee machines can do, so it's no surprise that the machine itself is so large. It took up considerable space on my kitchen counter, just about fitting to the end in terms of depth. 

The coffee machine has two disc grinders and two 15-bar pumps. This enables it to make a variety of coffees in a way that ensures each specific coffee type is brewed correctly. The water tank, accessible on the top-left of the machine, can hold an impressive 88 ounces of water, saving you from refilling it often. At the top-right, you'll find a panel that opens to reveal a measuring spoon - a nice touch, I thought, to utilize the rest of the space. 

JURA GIGA 10 Coffee Machine, showing measuring spoon in open top panel

Measuring spoon (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

What makes the GIGA 10 look so stunning is the spout system. It features dual spouts and a milk dispenser, with lights illuminating your cup while the coffee is brewed. The spout system and the above components are finished with a shiny, metallic exterior that highlights the steam in quite an attractive fashion, particularly as the hot milk is poured. The spouts are height and width adjustable, too, which is a big help when accommodating different-sized cups.

The machine seems to be built from a mixture of materials. The Amazon listing notes the material as ceramic, but many components are made from plastic and what feels (and looks) like stainless steel.

You can fit 20 ounces of coffee beans at once, but this is shared across two 10 oz grinders that aren't used for the same coffee. For example, If you plan on making a flat white every morning, only one of the 10 oz grinders will be utilized.

JURA GIGA 10 coffee grinders and containers

Two 10oz coffee bean containers/grinders (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

A key design feature of the GIGA 10 is the control panel. It's a one-touch panel comprising three touchscreens that display the various coffees you can make. When a coffee is being brewed, the three screens are used individually: one shows a list of the brewing process, one shows an image of a cup with how much is left to fill, and one shows the progress of the milk system. It's clear, clean, and easy to use, essential for a machine that can make many different drinks.

However, a somewhat fiddly aspect of the machine is how the milk system is used. The milk jug is separate, not integrated, so it sits next to the machine loosely. It does offer some flexibility, though, for where you want it placed, and it can sit nicely on the drip tray when the machine isn't in use.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

JURA GIGA 10 panoramic touch control screen

JURA GIGA 10 brewing a flat white (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

JURA GIGA 10: Performance


Every coffee I had from the JURA GIGA 10 tasted spot-on. It shows that they've ensured every beverage is treated appropriately. I tried all sorts: lattes, latte macchiatos, flat whites, cappuccinos, espressos, Americanos, cold brews. I even tested the milk foam by itself when making barista coffees with my Nespresso, and that turned out great, too.

JURA GIGA 10 with coffee, mid brew

Brewing a latte macchiato (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

The coffee has a barista-type quality to it—so much so that I'd be happy to pay good money for any of these drinks at a coffeeshop. The coffee is rich and full-bodied and makes full use of the flavor of the beans. And with the hot, velvety milk foam on top, it is a luxurious way to enjoy your coffee in the morning.

JURA GIGA 10 with flat white coffee in mug

Flat white (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)


The disc grinders are found at the top of the machine. To use them, simply open the circular lids and pour in as many coffee beans as you need. No grinding is required on your part, as the machine is fully automatic. You'll know when they're being used as you'll hear a (very) loud grinding sound when making your coffee—and every time the coffee machine is turned on.

Panoramic one-touch control panel

Upon start-up, a 'Jura' animation is shown across the three screens before the menu, showing all the coffees you can select from. The screens will display anything that needs to be cleaned or rinsed before showing the coffee menu. 

It's intuitively easy to select from the menu. The drinks don't all fit on one page, so arrows guide you to the rest of the selection. As I used the coffee machine over time, my regulars started to be displayed first, so I could easily choose a flat white or a latte macchiato as soon as it was turned on. 

After selecting your coffee, a screen pops up where you can customize the brew. Of course, this varies depending on which coffee you choose, but there is an impressive amount of customization on offer here. Coffee strength, milk foam volume, and milk/coffee ratios can all be adjusted on sliding scales so you can play around and find your optimal setting. Once you have, you can set favorites to quickly select the next time you use the machine.

Saying that there is a pretty notable flaw with the control panel. Certain coffees will be greyed out on the coffee menu if there aren't enough beans in the grinders. Once you pour more beans in, the coffees will become available again, and you can select them as normal. But what often happened is that I'd select one of these coffees, the machine would start brewing, and then a window would pop up saying, 'Fill right (or left) bean container.' You then have a very short time filling the container again and pressing the screen so it doesn't cancel. If you're not quick enough or fail to touch the right screen, the coffee will stop mid-brew, using up the beans you put in and leaving you with a few splashes of coffee. It seems to be a huge design oversight that resulted in me wasting a lot of coffee as you can't return and resume the brew. It would be more user-friendly and make more sense if the coffees were only available to select if there were enough beans for the whole brewing process, not just the first step. 

Of course, this can be avoided by having plenty of coffee beans to hand at all times and making sure the containers are always at least half-filled—which shouldn't be too difficult for anybody who can afford this coffee machine. But when you're running low, the last thing you need is to waste the last few beans on half a coffee.

JURA GIGA 10 coffee machine display panel

Unable to finish the brew (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

Care & maintenance

You can go a while between filling the water tank thanks to its large capacity, but the milk jug needs frequent filling. It's never a surprise, though, as the jug is glass, so you can see whenever it's running low. Plus, as the jug can disconnect from the machine, you can put it in the fridge if there's still milk that won't be used that day.

Upon starting up, the JURA GIGA 10 will rinse itself through the spouts and update you when it needs a more thorough clean. The updates usually pop up right as you turn it on or switch it off.

You'll get the most common maintenance notification to clean the milk system, but you'll also need to clean and descale the coffee machine. This is relatively easy; all you need is JURA cleaning tablets (Amazon). Once you select the cleaning program, the instructions guide you through and tell you where and when to insert the cleaning tablets; it's as easy as you'd hope at this price point.

The drip tray needs to be emptied and cleaned often. It can hold a lot of liquid, but as the machine rinses every time it's turned on, this builds up quickly. Bean-to-cup machines naturally produce a lot of mess from coffee grounds, so this is something to consider with the JURA GIGA 10.

Score: 4 out of 5

Should you buy the JURA GIGA 10?

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Score card
Price & availabilityToo expensive for most households★★★
DesignA premium machine with impressive customization★★★★½
PerformanceDelicious coffee, low maintenance, but a big design oversight★★★★

 Buy it if… 

You don't want the same coffee every day

If you like to mix up your coffee order or live in a household with multiple coffee drinkers, this offers pretty much every variation you could want. If you have a go-to favorite coffee, you likely won't be using all the features for which you're paying the premium price.

You want to be able to customize your coffee

With coffee strength, milk foam, and milk/coffee ratios all fully adjustable, there's no end to the amount you can customize your favorite coffees. You can even build the elements individually, starting with an espresso shot and adding your amounts of milk and foam. 

You have no barista skills

Touch-controlled, automatic coffee machines take the complicated skill out of brewing. The JURA GIGA 10 is comprehensive, but you're really paying for the convenience. If you know how to use an espresso machine and a milk frother, you can achieve all of these coffees for a fraction of the cost.

 Don’t buy it if…  

You have limited kitchen counter space

The JURA GIGA 10 is a massive coffee machine. At 12.6W x 16.34H x 19.53D inches, you'll need to dedicate plenty of space for it. It also makes a lot of noise, so it might not be ideal if the kitchen is near any bedrooms. 

You don't tend to stock up on coffee beans

The coffee machine will cancel itself mid-brew if you don't fill the bean containers in time. It can be a notable waste of coffee for anybody who doesn't always have ample coffee beans to hand.

How does the JURA GIGA 10 compare?

If you're unlikely to choose all 35 drinks on offer here, you could save a lot of money with one of JURA's more affordable models, like the JURA E6 or the JURA J8.

Or, if you know how to make barista coffees using an espresso shot and frothed milk, you could choose a much cheaper option like the Breville Barista Touch Impress or the Breville Barista Express Impress. We've reviewed both and awarded 5 stars to each.

How I tested the JURA GIGA 10

  • Tested for four weeks, making 1-3 drinks per day
  • Tested using three of my favorite coffee beans
  • Tried the variety of coffees on offer, hot and cold

I tested the JURA GIGA 10 over 4 weeks, using it as the primary coffee maker in my kitchen. My housemates and I used the machine to make coffee of all types, and I experimented with the customization settings to see how much you could change.

Read more about how we test.

  • First reviewed: December 2023
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