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Electric Cooktop Reviews

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Electric Cooktop Review

Why Buy an Electric Cooktop?

When you're building or remodeling your home, the most important room is your kitchen. Modern kitchens are moving away from the bulky standing ovens and toward wall ovens that are safer and less intruding. This means no cooktop and a need to place burners elsewhere. Electric cooktops solve this problem. You can place them on any countertop or kitchen island. These ceramic cooktops are stylish, resourceful and convenient. With the push of a button, you can adjust the size of the burner and pinpoint an exact temperature for efficient, even cooking.

We looked at electric cooktops from the most popular appliance manufacturers and identified the top models from each, including the Electrolux EI36EC45KB, Whirlpool Gold G9CE3065XS and Bosch 800 Series NET8654UC. The models in our electric cooktop reviews include a variety of range configurations, control options and safety features. To learn more, you can also check out our articles about electric cooktops.

Electric Cooktops: What to Look For

When considering electric cooktops, we focused on ceramic glass tops instead of coiled burners. The design is contemporary, easier to clean and safer. The best electric cooktops combine touch controls and an assortment of burner elements, giving you the freedom to heat up any size of pot or pan. We considered convenience, such as whether the cooktops have the ability to boil quickly or adjust temperatures automatically, as well as added safety features. When you choose an electric cooktop for your kitchen, pay attention to the following aspects.

Cooking Performance
The most important thing to consider when choosing an electric cooktop is how versatile it is. The best ceramic cooktops combine many different burner configurations in a limited space. Some have a bridge element, which joins two burners when you're using a long griddle for pancakes or burgers. Others have dual or triple burners, which you can adjust to fit perfectly with the size of the pot. You should look for a high wattage. Electric cooktops should have at least one burner that reaches 3,000 watts, giving you the ability to reach a fast boil.

An electric cooktop looks much better than old stoves with coiled burners. Ceramic glass cooktops are sleek and flat, allowing them to double as counter space when not in use. The touch controls should be conveniently placed in the middle so you don't have to reach over a burner to make adjustments. The best cooktops display heat digitally and let you know the temperature precisely. You should avoid control dials. They are much harder to clean and limit how effectively you can use the cooktop as extra prep space.

The options available on many electric cooktops make cooking dinner easier and less dangerous. Control locks render the cooktop unusable, meaning your curious children will no longer have unsafe knobs to play with. The burners mimic the look of coiled heat, displaying internal red lights that indicate when the heat is on or off. The lights even stay on after the cooktop is off, letting you know when the range is safe to touch. The best cooktops even allow you to preset the temperatures. For example, you can choose a time frame to boil water and have the cooktop automatically adjust to simmer without you having to get up.

Help & Support
We looked for recognized brands that offer you an assortment of customer service options. The electric cooktop you choose should have at least a one-year warranty on parts. There should be an online manual that provides resources for installation and maintenance in case you lose the one that comes with your unit. A good website should always include a section for FAQs, a visible and available customer service number, and the option to email support with your concerns or comments.

An electric cooktop is an appliance you'll use every day, and a versatile cooktop makes a huge difference in the kitchen, allowing you to make consistent meals and spend less time prepping and cleaning. Our reviews can help you find an electric cooktop that will turn your time in the kitchen into a convenient, safe experience.